Guilderfi Releases a New Blockchain Protocol that is Set to Transform the Crypto Industry

July 05 19:24 2022
GuilderFi’s new blockchain protocol has been carefully conceptualized and battle-tested to prevent financial loss.

Australia – GuilderFi, a recent blockchain startup, announces the launch of their innovative blockchain protocol that promises to delight the blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and all the stakeholders. The revolutionary concept is going to be another exciting proposition in the crypto world that continues to evolve every day with the incorporation of innovative ideas and technologies. By integrating DeFi with blockchain technology, GuilderFi is taking it into an altogether new dimension.

By taking advantage of the immutable nature of smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), GuilderFi has come up with a way that offers the securitization of token assets for the first time ever.

“We are excited to release the new blockchain protocol which has been designed to avert financial losses,” says Chris Ji, Co-founder and Team Leader at GuilderFi. “The opportunities presented by decentralized applications via the use of smart contracts and NFTs allowed us to build a product which protects the capital of investors for the first time ever. Until now, the only guarantees in life have been deaths and taxes. However, with GuilderFi, we believe we have created a third category for investments and it makes absolute sense as investing and creating wealth is something almost every adult aspires towards.”

GuilderFi is the brainchild of Chris Ji, a seasoned entrepreneur, and a crypto enthusiast. Chris has a background in advertising and e-commerce prior to finding his passion in crypto. He finds himself fascinated by the tech emerging out of DeFi. He is also a trader highly proficient in technical analysis skills, gained from over 20,000 hours of chart time. Chris currently serves as the Portfolio Manager at Cutting Edge Capital, a boutique hedge fund, and also the founder and co-founder of several successful business ventures through his investment vehicle C.J. Ho Holdings, a private company with a growing portfolio of entities.

GuilderFi’s unique concept allows users to acquire its native utility token called the ‘N1 token’ using BNB. By having a special Treasury fund dedicated to funding any redemptions under a plan called ‘Safe Exit’, users can exit the protocol and redeem the BNB tokens which were initially exchanged for N1. This means that the claims process is totally autonomous with the intervention of an assessor or a claims department.

$N1 is an ERC-20 token built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is the native governance and utility token of the GuilderFi Network. It has an elastic token supply that is programmed to contract and expand within its fixed upper bound limit.

“We wanted to leverage the next generation financial technology to provide our token holders with multiple streams of growth,” remarks Chris. “The Guilder Network is committed to developing a host of sophisticated web 3.0 applications. Our role is to make very complex tools very easy to use. Our focus is to onboard the next wave of users to DeFi and web 3.0.”

While most token projects and protocols run a centralized operation when it comes to finances, GuilderFi enjoys a fully decentralized Treasury. The company wants to ensure that the very core fundamental aspect of Decentralized Finance is kept integral and ultimately discourages bad actors from entering the DeFi space.

GuilderFi offers more than just another digital asset class; it’s creating a decentralized investor-owned economy, where investors are well compensated through the value created by the DeFi and crypto ecosystem.

Whilst the core direction of GuilderFi’s operations is currently decided by its team and founders, the ownership and control of the protocol will eventually be handed over to token holders when it migrates to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) where the community gets to decide on governance-related matters which affect the protocol.

“We are building a blockchain protocol that will enjoy a longer life span. By focusing on achieving token price stability as opposed to price appreciation in the short-term, we expect to achieve just that,” notes Chris.

Backed by an innovative concept and led by a visionary and committed management, GuilderFi is poised to take the digital investor community by storm.

About GuilderFi

GuilderFi is a FinTech company with specialists in the field of blockchain development, banking, legal and finance, IT, sales and marketing, and design. The team at GuilderFi is well-equipped to deal with the fast-paced challenges and opportunities presented by today’s web 3.0.

For more information about GuilderFi and other inquiries, visit their website or reach out via email or social media channels.

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