RadonGasDetectorReviews.com Improves Website Security with HTTPS

August 22 01:00 2019
RadonGasDetectorReviews.com Improves Website Security with HTTPS

Polk City, FL – The radon gas detector review site, radongasdetectorreviews.com, is pleased to announce improvements to their site security with an HTTPS connection. With these changes, users of the site are now able to access and purchase gas detectors with the assurance of personal information and data security.

HTTPs connections encrypt data through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This encryption helps to ensure that personal data, including bank account information, are encrypted for a website’s users. For users of affiliate review sites, this data encryption and security is important. Website users who make purchases through affiliate sites will need to enter their personal information for payments. However, not all affiliate review sites offer the security that comes with an HTTPS connection.

RadonGasDetectorReviews.com is one of the affiliate sites that does offer data encryption and security to their growing base of readers. The recent addition of this security protocol ensures the website can protect user information, just as its reviews aim to protect user health and safety.

The website offers comprehensive reviews on various methods of detecting radon gas. Radon gas is acolorless, odorless, tasteless substance. It is a naturally occurring substance, that is a result of uranium decay from rocks and soil. It affects most homes – but many residents are unaware of the exposure risk. 

RadonGasDetectorReviews.com seeks to raise awareness about the danger of radon gas and promote radon gas testing in the home with gas detectors. With comprehensive reviews in a digestible format, the site strives to be the leading authority on radon gas detectors.

The site provides reviews of short-term, long-term, alpha, charcoal, and digital detectors. Detectors can also be active or passive – either detecting continuously or based on a sample. There are many types of radon detectors, so comprehensive reviews are necessary. The reviews aid in choosing the best product to test the home while breaking down the nuances of radon gas.  

While it is nearly impossible to remove all radon gas from the home, it is possible to ensure the levels are not harmful. This starts with knowing the risks, testing for radon gas, and following the necessary steps to keep the home safe. Fully understanding these factors and being able to invest in these technologies through secure means starts with sites like radongasdetectorreviews.com

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