RiskKarma.io Announces Partnership with Quaeris for Next Generation Risk Management

September 07 08:53 2023
RiskKarma.io Announces Partnership with Quaeris for Next Generation Risk Management

Scottsdale, Arizona – RiskKarma.io, a next-generation Strategic Risk Intelligence solution, has announced its partnership with Quaeris.ai, a cutting edge generative ai solution created by Georgia Tech engineers.  RiskKarma.io’s Founder, Jo Lynn Clemens, a 30-year insurance, risk and compliance executive, states that she is excited about the partnership as it further enhances client capabilities to generate custom data queries, data visualizations and reports.

RiskKarma.io’s is unique in that it serves as a Risktech, HRtech, Fintech and Insurtech solution that helps companies to predict, prevent and protect against financial costs, and reputation damage from claims, and noncompliance while improving workplace culture.  The modular solution applies  intelligent risk tools to an organization’s existing data sources, to identify emerging risk indicators. This in turn,  allows organizations to confirm emerging risk exposures in advance of loss and deploy a proactive loss prevention/ risk mitigation strategy.  The application also includes skill validation and gamification to positively engage and upskill a company’s workforce while helping satisfy ESG initiatives. RiskKarma.io’s vision is to create transparency, accountability, safety and equality to improve society one workplace at a time.

When asked about future product innovations, Founder, Jo Lynn Clemens advises, “Our product roadmap includes expansion to property and health risk exposures as well as smart contract risk profile sharing capabilities”.

Quaeris is a zero-code Generative-AI data and analytics tool enabled by Natural Language front end to empower every-day business users to get instant answers to their data questions. Quaeris is an action platform that enables collaborative data exploration with an eye on enabling action on insights. Its private GPT never exposes your data to external entities, such as ChatGPT or OpenAI. “We are super excited to partner with RiskKarma”, said Anya Bhatnagar, Co-Founder of Quaeris, “as Insurance companies are flush with data, but short on insights, especially when it comes to HR and Risk, and Quaeris is poised to resolve that challenge”. She added, “Quaeris is the only BI & data analytics platform that aligns with modern approach of ‘consumption based pricing’ which rewards use of data, and eliminates cost of ‘shelf-ware’.”

RiskKarma.io has been recognized by SHRM “as a company creating a better world where employers and employees can thrive together” and by the Center for Business Innovation in London as a cutting-edge future of work solution.

Both RiskKarma.io and Quaeris were selected by the Walton Foundation as one of ten top emerging international artificial intelligence companies to accelerate growth.

RiskKarma.io is a patent pending, AI powered Saas-based application to reduce an organization’s risk exposures using intelligent risk tools. The solution was created by I’ve Been Vetted, Inc. which is headquartered in Arizona. For product information and demos, please reach out to [email protected].

For media queries, please reach out to [email protected].

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