Unveiling UGOT: Embrace the Future of Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Robotics

September 05 22:40 2023
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NEW YORK, NY – The future of robotics is here. UGOT, an AI-powered marvel that redefines the possibilities of robotics, is now available to empower users to build, experiment, and explore a myriad of robotic creations. The UGOT Robotic Kit is a game-changing fusion of technology and imagination, offering the ability to build over 7 unique robots using a single kit. This kit opens doors to an exciting world where AI, innovation, and hands-on learning come together seamlessly. With its modular design, high computing power, and advanced capabilities, UGOT is a trailblazing innovation that offers unprecedented creativity and potential.

Key Features of the UGOT Robotic Kit

Endless Possibilities in One Kit: The UGOT Robotic Kit offers an astounding array of robot creations at users’ fingertips. With one single kit, users can build over 7 distinct robots, including quadrupeds, self-balancing cars, omni-directional Mecanum wheel cars, and even infantry vehicles with robotic arms. UGOT allows users to construct an array of robots, from agile wheeled-leg contraptions to transforming vehicles and intelligent spiders. And this is just the beginning! The roadmap promises even more forms, such as humanoid robots, unmanned ships, and drones, taking users’ creativity to new heights.

AI Powerhouse at Users’  Fingertips: At the heart of UGOT lies a powerful main control unit brimming with high-performance computing capabilities. The UGOT Kit boasts high computing power that integrates CPU, GPU, and NPU chips to provide a staggering 1TOPS of processing capability. This translates to unprecedented AI capabilities, from visual recognition and gesture control, to speech recognition and even integration with ChatGPT for intuitive voice commands.

Innovative Design: UGOT embraces an innovative modular design that simplifies assembly, enabling users to quickly configure their preferred robot shapes. Our revolutionary knob lock technology ensures seamless and efficient assembly and disassembly, freeing users to focus on exploration rather than technical hurdles.

Voice Users’ Commands: UGOT’s 360-degree far-field voice recognition and directional 3-microphone array enable users to interact with their creations using their own voices. With the integration of ChatGPT, UGOT responds to users’ voices with AI-driven intelligence. This technology bridges the gap between science fiction and reality, making UGOT not just a robot, but users’ personalized AI assistant.

AI-Assisted Programming: Dive into the world of robotics programming with ease. UGOT supports both graphical programming and Python API, granting users the ability to control users’ robot’s every movement and behavior through programming. The perfect balance between simplicity and versatility.

Motion Control Mastery: Incorporating state-of-the-art motion control algorithms, UGOT is poised to conquer obstacles, balance on tricky terrains, and perform a range of fluid movements. Its magnetic encoder actuators ensure precision and agility, elevating the experience of robot control to new heights.

UGOT’s advanced algorithms bring users’ robots to life, allowing them to master balance, short slopes, and navigate obstacles with finesse.

Expandable AI Horizons: Experience the magic of an independent NPU that enhances AI capabilities to encompass gesture recognition, human posture recognition, and much more. With a TOF ranging sensor or camera module, UGOT’s AI prowess knows no bounds, unlocking uncharted territories of creativity.

A Community of Creators: The UGOT journey doesn’t end with the kit – it’s just the beginning. Join a vibrant and engaging community of UGOT enthusiasts, where resources, software downloads, and ideas are shared freely. Dive into the collective pool of knowledge and ignite users’ passion for robotics. Be part of a creative ecosystem that encourages learning and collaboration, propelling the robotics revolution forward.

Interactive APP Experience: The UGOT APP provides a first-person perspective control, bidirectional voice communication, and remote chat capabilities. It captures photos/videos and has an AI Follow Function for tracking human, cat, or dog movements. Equipped with a series of AI interactive games, 3D assembly steps and a community, users can enjoy playing and contribute their innovative playstyles while seamlessly mastering the robot’s construction process.


We are delighted to announce the highly anticipated release of the UGOT robotics kit on the crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, on August 31 2023.

Company Story: UBTECH Robotics Corp Ltd – Shaping a Robotic Future

UBTECH is the visionary company behind the innovative UGOT Robotic Kit. As a global leader in intelligent humanoid robotics and AI technology, UBTECH is dedicated to creating cutting-edge robotic solutions that enrich and inspire lives. Through research and development, UBTECH has pioneered breakthroughs in the field, delivering advanced products that combine state-of-the-art technology, creativity, and functionality. Backed by a team of world-class engineers and designers, UBTECH is driven by a passion for innovation and a mission to make robotics accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Established in March 2012, UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP LTD has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of humanoid robots and smart service robotics. Their journey began with a profound mission: “bringing intelligent robots into every family, and making everyday life more convenient and intelligent.” Their mission has led them to create a comprehensive smart robotic solution, seamlessly integrating hardware, software, services, and content across diverse industries.

What sets them apart is their pioneering spirit in full-stack humanoid robotic technologies, an accomplishment shared by very few in the world. Their full-stack technologies represent a holistic fusion of industry-leading robotic elements, including robotic motion planning and control technology, servo actuators, alongside cutting-edge AI technologies like computer vision and voice interaction. This fusion extends to a myriad of integrated robotic and AI technologies such as SLAM and autonomous technology, visual servo operation, and human-robot interaction. Complementing this, their proprietary robotics application framework, Robot Operating System Application Framework (ROSA), has further solidified UBTECH’s position as a leader in this field.

Notably, UBTECH has achieved mass production of servo actuators with torque ranging from 0.2Nm to 200Nm, marking a significant milestone in the industry. Additionally, one of their creations, “Walker,” proudly stands as one of the first commercialized biped-life-sized humanoid robots. As of December 31, 2022, they have garnered an impressive portfolio of more than 1,600 robotic and AI-related patents, with approximately 50% classified as invention patents.

Their soon to be released UGOT is more than just a robotic kit; it’s an embodiment of endless possibilities. UGOT Robotic Kit is a testament to the power of human ingenuity fueled by cutting-edge technology. With its powerful AI capabilities, seamless assembly process, and innovative features, it offers a gateway to explore the convergence of technology and creativity.

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