Shoushan Village in Jin’an, Fuzhou Expected to be Named as China’s Beautiful Leisure Village

September 01 21:29 2023

Shoushan Village of Shoushan Township, Jin’an District, Fuzhou, is expected to be named as one of China’s Beautiful Leisure Villages, according to the 2023 list recently announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. A total of 256 villages across the country made the list.

Located in the northern part of Fuzhou, Shoushan Village is about 28 kilometers away from the downtown area. It is home to Shoushan stone, the first candidate for China’s national stone. Shoushan stone is the main resource of Shoushan Village, and Shoushan stone culture is one of the four cultural symbols of Fuzhou. Shoushan stone has been recognized as a national geographical indication protected product, and Shoushan stone carvings have been listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritages.

In recent years, Shoushan Village has earnestly acted on the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are as valuable as gold and silver”. With stone as a medium, the village aims to promote tourism and rural revitalization, build the brand of Shoushan stone themed culture and tourism, and achieve ecological benefits and sustainable economic development.

Village-enterprise collaboration, multi-party cooperation for “joint” efforts

Since the preparation of planning, Shoushan Village has taken Shoushan stone as its main tourism resource, closely integrated intangible cultural heritage with tourism resources, and explored a development model of “village collective + enterprise” based on local conditions.

With joint investment from the village committee and villagers, an ancient mine cave that has been formed since the Song Dynasty has been developed into Shoushan Stone Mine Cave Scenic Area. Other scenic spots such as Shanbo Cave, Tianhuang Treasure-hunt Creek, and Shoushan Waterfall Valley have also been developed.

High-level promotion, rural prosperity with “strong” support from industries

Shoushan Village earnestly explores the path of green development and ecology-based rural revitalization. By leveraging on its superior ecological environment and rural scenery, it has stimulated villagers’ enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship. The village has developed integrated products such as “tourism + agriculture,” “tourism + health care,” “tourism + gourmet food,” and “tourism + festivals.”

For example, the village has built Xinnong Shoushan Azalea Expo Park with its 1,500-mu wild high mountain azalea resources. It has adjusted the development direction of the Shoushan stone industry and started Shoushan Stone Master Studio to cultivate a group of skilled carvers familiar with the processing and carving techniques of Shoushan stone, such as Huang Qianzhou. The village has also planted fruit trees and greeneries such as Chinese bayberry and camphor trees along village roads to construct distinctive village roads. It has cultivated a high mountain flower field spanning about 40 mu, where different types of chrysanthemums such as zinnia are planted. Additionally, it has developed projects for experience such as family farm, flower picking, and vegetable picking, and has embarked on a path towards green, ecological, and sustainable development

Multi-party efforts, unleashing “new” growth drivers

With the support from multiple parties, Shoushan Village has effectively ensured the sustainable development of Shoushan cultural tourism, and the Shoushan Stone Cultural Tourism Festival has exerted a significant impact. Several projects including China Shoushan Stone Museum, New Thought Learning and Education Practice Base of China Shoushan Stone Museum, and Countryside Meeting Lounge of Shoushan National Stone Town have encouraged villagers and social capital to participate in rural construction with enthusiasm and confidence.

In 2023, Shoushan Village will build agricultural tourism facilities, develop local characteristic homestays, and promote the development of supporting projects such as the protection of the Tianhuang stone site, the construction of sightseeing platforms, and the construction of camping areas with a total investment of roughly RMB 6 million, actively promoting the integration of agriculture, culture, and tourism industries.

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