The grand opening of the World Digital Therapeutics Conference 2023, Hainan Accelerates Branding of World Digital Therapeutics Innovation Island

September 01 19:33 2023

In order to accelerate the implementation of the “Hainan Province to accelerate the development of Digital Therapeutics industry a number of measures”, and actively build Hainan World Digital Therapeutics Innovation Island brand, August 24-26, 2023, organized by Beijing Danhuang Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Dongmaicheng Technology Company Limited, Beijing Danhuang Technology Co., Ltd. Limited undertook by Digital Therapeutics Committee, China Association for Medical Devices Industry, the United Kingdom Department of Trade and Industry, the Australia Trade and Investment Commission support, AstraZeneca Investment (China) Co., Ltd, Hainan Eco-Software Park strategic cooperation of the 2023 World Digital Therapeutics Conference in Haikou grand opening.

With the theme of “navigating the new future of industrial ecology and building a human health community”, this conference is based on the dialogue of industrial innovation from a global perspective, and it is an international conference integrating the cutting-edge dynamics of global Digital Therapeutics, policy interpretation, academic exchange, industrial cooperation and innovation exhibition. Academicians and experts from home and abroad, representatives of innovative enterprises and medical institutions and many other guests will attend the conference to discuss and share the direction of the development of global Digital therapies, the trend of frontier and opportunities for cooperation.

Xie Jing, Vice Governor of Hainan Provincial People’s Government, Yu Xuejun, Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the National Health and Health Commission, and Ning Guang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. In his opening speech, Vice Governor Xie Jing expressed his hope that Hainan can work hand in hand with all parties to develop new paths, new theories and new rules of Digital Therapeutics, and work together to build Hainan into a global Digital Therapeutics innovation island, innovation resource gathering area and industrial highland. Deputy Director Yu Xuejun said in his speech that countries around the world attach great importance to the integration and development of health and information technology, Digital health has become an important support to promote the development of health and health care, and Digital therapies are an important element of Digital health. Academician Ning Guang said in his speech that Digital Therapeutics can open up the data silos of independent Digital healthcare through technical means, realize the health management of patients’ whole life cycle, and promote the establishment of an intelligent health management ecosystem.

01.Digital Therapeutics at the right time, Hainan ran out of industrial “acceleration”

In January 2022, Hainan will “explore the first trial of Digital Therapeutics” as one of the main tasks of the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Digital Health in Hainan Province”, which is the first time that Digital Therapeutics is included in provincial planning. In October of the same year, Hainan launched the country’s first full-cycle support policy for the Digital Therapeutics industry, “21”, and then began to substantively and systematically promote the implementation of Digital Therapeutics.

At this conference, Zhang Yuhui, member of the party committee and deputy director of the Health Commission of Hainan Province, made a keynote report on the theme of “Hainan Rides the Wind – Progress in the Construction of Global Digital Therapeutics Innovation Island”, which comprehensively elaborated on the speed of Hainan’s advancement based on the Digital Therapeutics industry in the past two years, as well as the thinking on the future development of the industry. He said, at present, more and more places in China have begun to strongly support Digital Therapeutics, Hainan, as a leader in the development of Digital Therapeutics industry, will continue to run faster acceleration of the free trade port, and continue to maintain the leading position in the development of Digital Therapeutics.

In this regard, a number of ceremonies, including the “Digital Therapeutics Hainan Initiative”, “2023 Digital Therapeutics White Paper”, “2023 World Congress of Digital Therapeutics Best Innovative and Practical Enterprises” Award Ceremony, as well as “Hainan Digital Therapeutics Innovative Application Scenarios and Solutions Landing Ceremony were all successfully held at this conference, which all-aroundly demonstrated Hainan’s determination and confidence in the development of the Digital Therapeutics industry as well as its fruitful achievements.

It is reported that the “Digital Therapeutics Hainan Initiative” led by the release of the initiative by the Secretary of the Party Committee of Hainan Provincial Health Commission, Director Zhou Changqiang, Director of a number of academicians and experts, a total of 15, meaning that Hainan will unite the core strength of many parties to accelerate the construction of Hainan Digital Therapeutics Innovation Island.

The “2023 World Digital Therapeutics Best Innovative and Practical Enterprises Award” is a concurrent event of the conference, which is aimed at global Digital Therapeutics enterprises, focusing on finding the future strength of the Digital Therapeutics field, and adding more vitality to the solid development of Hainan’s Digital Therapeutics industry.

The “Hainan Digital Therapeutics Innovative Application Scenarios and Solutions Landing Ceremony” is a strong indication that Hainan has begun to substantively and systematically promote the landing of Digital therapies. For example, in 2023, Hainan for the first time included Digital therapies in a practical project for the people – a pilot project of cognitive rehabilitation Digital therapies for the elderly. By investing in professional screening tools and Digital Therapeutics facilities, it will provide cognitive impairment screening for Hainan’s resident population aged 60 and above, and provide professional screening, follow-up and Digital Therapeutics intervention services for people with cognitive decline or cognitive impairment identified in the cognitive impairment screening pilot, so as to realize that the province’s elderly people should be screened as much as they can be screened on an equal and voluntary basis. Another example is the “2+3” health service package program to be fully implemented in Hainan Province in 2023, which fully supports the early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of hypertension and diabetes, as well as tuberculosis, hepatitis and severe mental disorders. The Hainan Provincial Health Commission has issued the “2 + 3″ health service package diabetes Digital Therapeutics innovative application scenarios and solutions collection and selection notice”, to give full play to the Digital Therapeutics as an effective integration of disease prevention and treatment of medical and non-medical factors, the integration of in-hospital and out-of-hospital scenarios, rapid empowerment of grass-roots level and to support the Digitalization of accurate governance and other aspects of the outstanding advantages, to build the province’s diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, hepatitis, serious mental disorders.

It is reported that the above two projects, are the government of Hainan Province, enterprises, parks and medical institutions, a group effort, the exploration of valuable Digital Therapeutics application scenarios, so that Digital Therapeutics can be faster and more effective landing promotion. The ceremony witnessed that the six innovative Digital Therapeutics companies selected for the two projects have landed and grown in Hainan and will contribute to the Digital Therapeutics solutions in Hainan.

02. When medicine meets Digital technology, a deeper integration begins

With the help of big data, artificial intelligence and other Digital tools, an emerging medical paradigm that integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies – Digital Therapeutics – has emerged. Digital Therapeutics utilizes Digital tools to integrate comprehensively and deeply with medical services, greatly extending doctors’ knowledge horizons and assisting them in making more accurate medical judgments. It utilizes intelligent algorithms to achieve excellence in the medical process, bringing the optimal treatment plan to each patient, and it transforms the interaction between doctors and patients into a new stage of information sharing and collaborative decision-making.

In recent years, Digital therapies have been developing at a rapid pace globally, and their great value in empowering healthcare is becoming increasingly apparent. From a domestic perspective, Digital therapies are currently in the early stages of development, and from the observation of the product pipeline that is advancing in clinical trials, it has covered a wide range of disease areas such as amblyopia, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety.

With the advent of the Digital era, Digital Therapeutics will undoubtedly become a key area of Digital China, a strategic fulcrum for the construction of a healthy China, and the Digital medicine model will receive more and more attention and emphasis.

Fan Daiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Thomas C. Südhof, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and Jiang Tianjiao, president of the Eggshell Research Institute, gave keynote speeches on “Integration and Steering in Digital Healthcare Development”, “How is ‘Digital’ Changing Biomedical Research and Drug and “Digital Therapeutics: Big Time, Big Opportunity, Big Change”, they agreed that the gradual improvement of the infrastructure of Digital healthcare, such as the great progress of Digital Therapeutics, the outbreak of ChatGPT, the development of virtual reality software/hardware of xR, etc., have pulled the future of Digital healthcare into the reach of the near future, and ultimately benefit the health and well-being of humanity.

In order to further strengthen the cooperation and exchanges among the government, industry, academia, research and investment of Digital Therapeutics, five main forums, namely “Future Health System and Human Health Community”, “Digital Therapeutics and Oncology”, “Digital Therapeutics and Chronic Disease Management”, “Digital Therapeutics and Brain Science and Cognitive Neuroscience” and “Digital Therapeutics and Global Innovative Industry Ecology”, have been set up in the conference from August 25th to 26th, linking academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, executives of multinational pharmaceutical/domestic head medical enterprises, CEOs of listed companies, renowned researchers, etc., to gain a comprehensive insight into the development of the Digital Therapeutics industry, and to discuss the possibilities of Digital therapies in specific medical scenarios, and to explore their greater market potential.

03. Hainan has great potential to become a platform for Digital health industry agglomeration and a highland for innovation.

In terms of research and support policies for Digital Therapeutics, Hainan has undoubtedly been in the forefront of the domestic, whether it is the first in the world, the first time in 2022, Digital Therapeutics will be written into the provincial planning, or in October of the same year in the world’s first full cycle of the Digital Therapeutics industry to support the policy of the “21”, Hainan has successfully attracted a high degree of attention to the Digital Therapeutics industry.

In 2023, Hainan is again leading the entire industry, began to substantially and systematically promote the landing of Digital Therapeutics. In February this year, Hainan Provincial Party Committee General Office, Hainan Provincial People’s Government General Office issued “on the issuance of the provincial party committee, the provincial government in 2023 for the people to do practical things” notice “will” cognitive rehabilitation of the elderly Digital Therapeutics pilot “included in the early March, Hainan has held a Digital Therapeutics clinical trial center to promote the construction of the meeting for last year’s 20 provincial “Digital Therapeutics test center” award, and put forward specific task requirements. In June, Hainan Provincial Health Commission issued “on the development of” 2 + 3 “health service packages diabetes Digital Therapeutics innovative application scenarios and solutions for the collection of selection In June, the Hainan Provincial Health Commission issued the “Notice on the Selection of Innovative Application Scenarios and Solutions for Diabetes Digital Therapeutics of “2+3″ Health Service Packages”, releasing innovative application scenarios of diabetes Digital Therapeutics for the whole society and soliciting technological solutions, and announcing the results of the selection process in July, and selecting a certain range of areas to carry out the early pilot work within this year.

Digital Therapeutics will be the deep integration of Digital technology and people’s health needs, is accelerating the construction of a new pattern of medical and health care, and Hainan will also take the “World Congress of Digital Therapeutics” as an opportunity to seize the historic opportunity, and strive to build a Digital Therapeutics innovation island, innovation resources cluster and industrial highland, Digital Therapeutics as a new engine for the high quality development of Hainan’s health business and industry.

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