VTOMAN FlashSpeed Pro 3000: A Plug & Play Portable Generator for Home and Outdoor

April 25 17:56 2023

Introducing the VTOMAN FLASHSPEED PRO 3000 Ultimate Backup Generator – a combination of extra safety, performance, and durability. Say goodbye to the conventional generator that fails to meet users energy needs during power outages and outdoor adventures. The entry-level portable power storage device is the solution to all emergency power needs. Unlike other costly and complicated options on the market, the device is lightweight and easy to install, making it the perfect choice for both home and outdoor use.

The FLASHSPEED PRO 2200 is the ultimate plug-and-play energy storage solution for households, offering unparalleled ease of use and the fastest charging speed on the market. Its one-button design and exceptional safety performance make it the ideal portable energy storage device. Designed with a focus on true safety, long battery life, and constant power, the FLASHSPEEDPRO features advanced emergency functions that are not found in other generators. With its self-developed system that connects the main unit and the auxiliary battery, the FLASHSPEEDPRO can expand its battery capacity to 5632Wh, significantly increasing its battery life. Additionally, its AC bidirectional inverter ultra-fast charging technology greatly improves the battery’s charging speed.

Thanks to its large-capacity, it can provide enough power to meet the basic electricity needs of a family for a day, including running appliances such as a washer, dryer, heater, and refrigerator. Despite its impressive power output, this entry-level home storage device is one-third smaller than other portable power stations on the market, measuring just 378*418*518mm in volume. Whether people are using it indoors or outdoors, this capacity is sufficient to fulfill all requirements. In the meanwhile, this generator has the ability to double its battery life to 5632Wh by connecting an additional backup battery. This is done easily with our generator’s self-developed system which allows for seamless connection of the main unit and the auxiliary battery, expanding the generator’s capacity in no time.

Alternatively, if people are in a remote location or want to use a more environmentally friendly method, they can utilize the 400W solar panel input on the generator to charge the device using solar power. Simply position the solar panel at the optimal angle to absorb the sun’s energy, connect the appropriate cable to the Anderson charging input port, and it will begin charging in a straightforward and eco-friendly manner.

The FLASHSPEED PRO 2200 boasts a compact and ultra-humanized trolley case design that will leave users feeling extremely satisfied. Its ergonomic suitcase-like shape and easy-to-carry design sets it apart from the competition and has even earned it the Golden American Muse Award. As a Plug-and-Play generator, it is ready to be taken on-the-go with ease. Additionally, the device features its own LIFEBMS battery protection system. This system is designed to safeguard both the generator and any equipment connected to it by managing voltage, current, short circuit, and temperature in real-time. This ensures constant safety and dependability in the power supply, meeting all of your emergency and regular power needs.

The VTOMAN FLASHSPEED PRO 2200 can be expanded up to 5632Wh, providing ample power for a variety of applications. The generator also includes a 1800W AC charging capability, making it suitable for powering larger appliances. The built-in LIFEBMS battery system ensures safety and prolongs the battery life. The generator is extremely portable, with an ergonomic suitcase design for easy transport and storage. Overall, the VTOMAN FLASHSPEEDPRO 2200 is a versatile and powerful option for backup power needs.

VTOMAN is a worldwide brand that concentrates on developing applications for lithium batteries. These applications include outdoor portable energy storage power supplies and automotive power tools. VTOMAN adheres to the principle of “Make Your Life Easier” and is continually searching for new opportunities in areas such as home energy storage, outdoor electricity consumption, and automobile tool modules in the field of lithium battery application and development.

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