SYLPH High-Speed Hair Dryer with Ergonomic BLDC Technology Launched

April 25 01:01 2023

SYLPH has announced the release of High-Speed Hair Dryer with next-generation functionalities. SYLPH focuses on technological innovation, which is evidenced by their patented inventions. They have developed a blow dryer that features an anti-blowback dust-cleaning function, for which we hold an invention patent with the number 17/693,582. Additionally, SYLPH has an international patent for a soft wind control method, storage medium, controller, and smart blow dryer, under the PCT/CN2020/115288 designation.

The SYLPH High-Speed Hair Dryer is available in two models at attractive prices. The company has announced discounts as part of the launch. The main USP of the SYLPH High-Speed Hair Dryer is the integration of a powerful 112,000 RPM BLDC motor coupled with a specially designed air outlet duct. The dryer provides unprecedented level of efficiency due to fast and safe spinning during the hair drying process.

Core Features

The SYLPH High-Speed Hair Dryer is the fastest hair dryer with high- speed motor, precise temperature control and negative ions. The product provides strong performance in a small form-factor. The advanced SYLPH TURBO model features a unique aircraft engine streamline design paired with 82.5-degree optimum air outlet. The dryer is optimized for home usage and travel purposes.

The SYLPH hair dryer is lightweight and easy to use. The product carries a perfect ergonomic design, which throws all the weight in the hand palm. Moreover, the dryer is designed to avoid fatigue and strain upon extended usage. The hair dryer measures only 0.8lb/350g, which make it a perfect companion for all adventures.

The Intelligent Temperature controlled technology integrated with the SYLPH High-Speed Hair Dryer is capable of adjusting 100 times per second. It also throws 200 million high-concentration negative ions that not only reduces frizz but also nourishes hair. The hair dryer emits airflow in a concentrated way, which effortlessly and gently reach the scalp. A dry and healthy scalp environment is created to reduce bacterial growth and to promote natural hair health and protection.


The SYLPH I model provides a gentle, soft and safe bladeless design. The product has got more than 40 global patents protection. The three gears intelligent model releases 10 million negative ions and dries within 3 minutes because of high-speed BLDC motor. The dryer includes double layer anti scald 360-degree rotating magnetic nozzle with high temperature resistance. The LED indicator lamps provide information about wind and temperature during usage. The 1.8m wire length is sufficient to work under any environments. The SYLPH I hair dryer is available in Grey, White and Green color variants.


The SYLPH TURBO is integrated with advanced flowing fluid simulation technology with unique air duct. The drying efficiency will improve and provide 0.5 hour more sleeping time per day. The 200 million high concentration negative ions remove static electricity and softens hair. The addition of exclusive cable suspension technology avoids cable twisting via 300-degree rotation. The brushless motor V5 spins at 112,000 rpm with aerospace grade processing technology and enhances drying effectively. The motor in the handle maintains adequate balance without causing discomfort upon extended usage. The LED indicators displays clear view about the various parameters during usage.

Super Early Bird Pricing & Availability

SYLPH hair dryers are now available for purchase from the company’s official page. The retail price of SYLPH hair dryer is $169.99 but the dryer is available for $80.99 with code for a limited time. The company announced that the hair dryer will hit Amazon starting April 24.

SYLPH hair dryers are customized for individuals who strive for a trendy and health-conscious way of living. The product is designed to solve the issue of hair damage and the need for prompt drying with modern technologies. SYLPH has revolutionized the ultimate drying experience by adopting cutting-edge mechanisms and a commitment to healthy and beautiful hair. Grab SYLPH High-Speed Hair Dryer today and experience safe and comfortable drying experience.

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