True People Check Launches Comprehensive Social Media Investigation Services for Insurance Companies, Attorneys, and Private Investigators

April 10 16:53 2023
True People Check Launches Comprehensive Social Media Investigation Services for Insurance Companies, Attorneys, and Private Investigators.

True People Check Offers Unparalleled Social Media Investigations and Open Source Intelligence for Fraud Detection and Claims Investigation Services

True People Check is pleased to announce its comprehensive social media investigation and open source intelligence (OSINT) services for insurance companies, private investigators, attorneys, and claims handlers. The company specializes in unlocking invaluable insights into individuals’ public platform activities to provide actionable results.

True People Check’s state-of-the-art technology and human expertise allow its social media investigators to conduct thorough investigations on more than 200 sites, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and mobile apps like WhatsApp and Cash App. The company provides verified and possible matching accounts and indicators for impactful evidence.

“Our expert social media investigators have a comprehensive knowledge of all facets of the insurance claim process, making sure that our clients get the most thorough investigations possible,” said a spokesperson for True People Check. “We specialize exclusively in this arena so you can count on experienced professionals who know exactly what attorneys, private investigators and claims handlers need when it comes to high quality professional reports.”

True People Check’s social media investigations and open source intelligence services have revolutionized the claims investigation process for insurance companies. With the most comprehensive OSINT investigations and social media analysis available, the company provides its clients with the most accurate and reliable results, streamlining their investigation process and saving them time and money.

The company’s founders have leveraged their knowledge of the insurance fraud industry to uncover invaluable insights within social media, leading with anticipation and adaptability, ensuring that no opportunity for relevant data is left unexplored.

True People Check provides the industry’s leading social media investigation technology, gathering more comprehensive social media evidence from a wider range of social networks than any other provider in the industry. This allows the company to uncover hidden social media posts, messages, photos, videos, and profiles that its competitors can’t detect. With this level of social media due diligence, True People Check provides more relevant social media data, which in turn provides more impactful evidence for a claim than any of its competitors.

At True People Check, the team provides best-in-class social media analysis services customized to meet each insurer’s specific needs. The experienced team understands the importance of accuracy, timeliness, and discretion when it comes to a social media investigation for fraud detection. True People Check utilizes cutting-edge social media investigation tools and techniques to provide detailed social media reports that are accurate, reliable, and legally defensible.

Insurance companies throughout the world are now discovering an invaluable asset with True People Check’s social media investigation service. The company offers unparalleled insights and reports that are incomparable to any of its competitors.

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