Tricorder.Zero™, a 7-Sensor Health & Fitness Tracker, is All Set to Revolutionize Telehealth and Telefitness

April 04 23:45 2023
Tricorder.Zero™ is a portable, wireless, pocket-sized health & fitness tracker that enables more thorough holistic data tracking than ever before. It has “patent pending” on 12+ concepts, seven precise sensors, medication tracking, and the ability to send a user’s data to a health provider and/or fitness trainer to improve remote care and fitness training.

Sanibel, FL, USA – It’s difficult to keep track of one’s health these days, when one is weighed down by a plethora of cumbersome devices, each of which has its own battery, app (if any), and convoluted user interface. Tricorder.Zero™ is the first portable health and fitness tracker in the world that combines seven precise sensors into a convenient package, allowing users to easily monitor their health whenever and wherever they like!

People who use Tricorder.Zero™ have access to seven built-in sensors that let them track their fitness and health anytime, anywhere. Users of the ENT camera can see the ear, nose, and throat. The ability to see the skin, the microvasculature of the eye, and the outer eye is made possible by the high magnification camera. The thermometer is able to measure forehead temperature using infrared technology.

In addition to measuring breathing rate, the stethoscope can be used to hear heart, lung, and abdominal sounds. The EKG sensor will make it easier to see the electrical activity across the heart. Over a 30-day period, muscle and fat percentages can be monitored using the body fat and muscle tone sensor.

Marcus Soori, the device’s inventor, said “Keeping track of medications can be difficult, especially when someone is taking more than one type. Tricorder.Zero™ provides the assurance of consistent reminders. Its built-in medication tracking feature helps a user stay on top of their medication, so they’ll never miss a dose.”

When one needs them, Tricorder.Zero™ raises the bar for telehealth and telefitness. It gives users the option to remotely send their real-time data to their health care provider or fitness trainer so the experts can evaluate them holistically and make informed recommendations based on both users’ subjective reports, and objective data provided by the device.

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About Tricorder.Zero™ :

Tricorder.Zero™ is a portable, wireless, pocket-sized health and fitness tracker that has seven accurate sensors, medication tracking, and the ability to send its user’s data to a health provider and/or fitness trainer for time saving and better care and recommendations. 

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