Dr. Laleh Talebian Officially Launches Eat 2 B Fit Academy

March 14 21:47 2023

Burlington, VT, USA – March 14, 2023 – After 20 years of research, Dr. Laleh Talebian is officially launching the Eat 2 B Fit Academy. Eat 2 B Fit Academy is designed for students to take charge of their health and help prevent or recover from illness and achieve total body well-being for the rest of their life.

This course is a compilation of 20 years of research and practice by a research scientist with a strong focus on natural nutritional healing. As a resource for those wanting to take control of their health, Eat 2 B Fit Academy is for those dreaming of living a vibrant, healthy, active, and pain-free life but sick and tired of trying everything only to be more lost. Dr. Talebian has researched how to turn the dream of living a healthy and pain-free life into a reality.

“If knowledge is power, then an earthquake of awakening is waiting for you,” says Dr. Lelah Talebian, “but knowledge without dedicated action is just knowledge. The Eat 2B Fit Academy is designed to empower you to take massive action with all the knowledge you gain.”

According to Dr. Talebian, more than 90% of all chronic diseases, including cancer, can be prevented or treated naturally with the food you eat, and how you treat your body, without the need for prescription medications to feel better.

“I want to tell you my story. I watched my father deteriorate and succumb to cancer at 49 on my 15th birthday. I vowed that day that I would not stop until I did something about it. I dedicated my life to finding solutions for serious health issues like cancer. I got my Ph.D. in cancer biology. After years of clinical research and over 10 publications in the field, I found my true purpose: Disease Prevention.”

Eat 2 B Fit is a compilation of 20 years of research and practice by a research scientist with a strong focus on natural nutritional healing. There is no magic pill; your choices produce magical results. But your health and wellness are in your control.

For those ready to take control of their health and their life once and for all, for good, registration and information can be found at https://www.dynamicnaturaladvantage.com/eat-2B-fit-academy.

About Dr. Laleh Talebian

Dr. Laleh Talebian was trained as a research scientist, and after years of biomedical and clinical research, she developed a strong affinity for disease prevention and promoting a culture of “health care” rather than “sick care”. Dr. Laleh dedicated years to developing a unique approach to comprehensive health and wellness. Rather than treating a condition, her strategy focuses on natural and holistic prevention methods through the right foods and exercise for each individual.

Dr. Laleh is a believer in and truly practices: “I AM what I EAT” & “FOOD is My Medicine”.

Visit https://www.dynamicnaturaladvantage.com/meet-the-dynamic-team.

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