JCtrans Event Has Concluded Successfully in Pattaya Thailand

March 03 00:03 2023

Pattaya The 2023 12th Global Freight Forwarders Conference has been successfully concluded on March 1st. The conference attracted 1,207 companies from 104 countries with a total of 2,206 logistics industry elites attending.

1. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand attended and delivered a speech

Mr. Korn Dabbaransi, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, attended the conference and delivered a speech. He said that global integration has accelerated exchanges around the world, and the logistics industry has developed rapidly as the most important part. JCtrans, the organizer of this conference, will empower the industry with digitalization and accelerate the development trend of technology in the industry.

2. More connections and higher efficiency

Mr. Qiu Junjie, Chairman and CEO of JCtrans, said that the global pandemic has not only impacted the economic stability but also posted great challenge to the resilience of the global supply chain in the past three years. How global freight forwarders can continuously strengthen their own advantages and move through the economic cycle more smoothly is a topic of concern to everyone, and it is also the mission of JCtrans. He also introduced the brand-new and upgraded service concept.

Firstly, we will provide more connections! JCtrans proposed the concept of “community”. Compared with traditional freight organizations and alliances, the concept of “community” is more open, inclusive and diverse. JCtrans will provide with more business opportunity links, safer cooperation guarantee, better freight forwarding resources and more accurate service matching. At present, the number of paid corporate members amounted to 10,000 and the annual active paid users amounted to 20,000! JCtrans has become the largest freight forwarding community in the world.

Secondly, we will provide higher efficiency! As an industrial Internet platform, JCtrans has built a community-based global freight platform by increasing investment in technology research. We will continue to promote the digital transformation of the industry, so that the dividends of new technologies can benefit global small- and medium-sized freight companies to develop the market and the overall high-quality development of the industry.

3. JCtrans Community: Build the world’s largest freight forwarding community to help global freight companies continue to make profits

Ms. Zheng Jiening, President of JCtrans Global Freight Forwarding Community, also mentioned that JCtrans is committed to building the world’s largest freight forwarding community, including three core business segments: membership system, freight related services and global conferences. In terms of membership products, JCtrans not only provides with services such as financial protection, marketing, cargo canvassing, and business opportunity matchmaking, but also helps freight companies make sustainable profitability by upgrading and revising the international website platform, building a reputation and evaluation system for the industry, and integrating high-quality upstream and downstream supplier resources in 2023; In terms of freight related services, on the basis of existing freight insurance, liability insurance, and FMC/NVOCC, more value-added services will also be provided for freight companies.

It is worth mentioning that JCtrans Event, a brand-new global conference brand, made its debut at this conference, covering offline cooperative trade fairs, expos, port clubs, forum salons, online conferences, and live streaming meeting rooms. In 2023, JCtrans Event will be held frequently with high quality to build the top conference brand.

4. JCtrans team: professional, diversified, international and youthful

The JCtrans team is also a highlight at this conference. When asked what kind of team JCtrans is, Ms. Li Yida, Vice President of JCtrans Global Freight Forwarding Community, said that JCtrans is a professional, diversified, international and youthful team.

The team consists of industry experts with more than ten years of experience in international logistics, as well as product R&D talents from former Internet giants. Internet operation, marketing, business development, customer success manager, risk control, finance and other talents are also available. In addition, many of JCtrans’ partners have overseas education backgrounds and even foreigners. Employees of all ages quickly integrate into the passionate and entrepreneurial atmosphere of JCtrans, which is full of youthful vitality.

5. The highlight of the conference, “One-on-one negotiation”

The scene was packed with people, with no empty seat. Through face-to-face communication, we found effective customers, expanded more resources and contacts, established trust and reached cooperation intentions.

6. Welcome dinner & party

At the welcome dinner, the guests forget the tension and fatigue, enjoy the wine and the wonderful night. When night falls, the gorgeous fireworks light up the night sky of Pattaya, pushing the conference to a climax.

JCtrans Event brings together forwarders from five continents, triggers the collision of ideas and sincere exchanges, explores countless business opportunities, reaches many consensuses and cooperation, and provides a powerful support to the development of the global logistics industry.

7. JCtrans works with global members to build the most influential freight trading platform

Founded in 2003, JCtrans adhering to the tenet of “customer first” and innovative development, it provides comprehensive services such as marketing and cargo canvassing, online transactions, payment, cooperation risk guarantee, and online insurance.

Now, the dual-center development strategy of “Shanghai” + “Dalian” has been formed, covering all port cities in China, and making concerted efforts from the north to the south to lay out the global market. The members cover 200 countries around the world, with an average of more than 300,000 visitors per month, an average of 30,000 active paid users per month, and a cumulative amount of online payment and settlement exceeding USD 10 billion. JCtrans is committed to integrating scientific and technological concepts into the traditional logistics industry, building an industrial Internet ecosystem and cooperating with global members to build the most influential logistics trading platform.

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