Jeff Labelle: Sarasota’s boom is here, and it has caught the attention of investors… He recently spoke about the city’s bright future – and he may just be right

January 24 16:28 2023

It is no secret that Sarasota is coming into a period of immense expansion.  In the last 12 to 18 months, there have been incredible surges in real estate purchases and migration. 

As seen in US News, Sarasota was ranked #3 as one of the fastest growing places in the US with net migration surging to a whopping 12.01% in a five-year period[1]. Furthermore, with Sarasota being named as one of the top 10 best places to live in the US for 2021-22[2], having the #2 best beach in the USA – Siesta Key[3], while also being listed as the best places to retire two years in a row[4], it has come with due time that the influx of snowbirds are building a more permanent nest in the crowned jewel of Florida’s gulf coast. 

Not only are people attracted to Florida’s warm weather and the absence of a state income tax, but Sarasota carries a distinct vibe that’s different from other Florida coastal cities.  Holding one of the most vibrant art scenes, a beachy atmosphere, and a burgeoning food culture, it is clear why northern city dwellers are relocating to relish in this easy going, culturally stimulating, and affordable beach town. 

One can feel the impetus of growth by just driving by all the construction sites—whether its new infrastructure and roads, the downtown luxury apartment buildings, the St. Regis residency on longboat key, or even the announcement of the multimillion-dollar expansion to the Sarasota airport. It is evident that Sarasota is in the midst of scaling development.  What does this mean for us sarasota residents? 

During times of scaling economic development with all the potential investments and opportunities afoot, it is important that as a community we continue to support and buy from small businesses.  It is easy for enterprises with their plethora of resources to come breaking into growing markets with untapped consumer bases.  However, it is important that as our city grows, we continue to support local entrepreneurs, artists, and small business owners that make Sarasota the place it is today. 

Continue to buy local, support your local farmers market, and eat at local restaurants—together we can keep our city prospering in a path towards economic growth and greatness.

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