“Puppy Crush” Helps Maintain Pet’s Dental Hygiene

November 30 04:44 2022

No messy! Anytime, Anywhere!

Puppy Crush is a brand that represents passionate love of pet guardians. We want to pursue a healthy lifestyle of pets and provide genuine products that pets would love.

Endless worries about a pet’s happiness

Puppy Crush makes an effort to the happiness of pets by constantly thinking about what is their emotions and thoughts, what they like and dislike, as long as they play, eat, and are together with people. We hope it will be a gift like a brand for pets who live shorter lives than humans.

Puppy Crush means…

Puppy:  represents the most popular pet + Crush: passionate love, falling in love

Our brand uses biodegradable fabric rayon which is a test confirmed 99.4% biodegradation in 122 days and also it made with renewable resources, this eco-friendly fabric is gentle on the environment. Our main products are Pet Finger Tooth Wipes and Pet Hygienic Wipes. It doesn’t contain animal or animal-derived ingredients and does not have any animal tests from raw materials to the finished product. Since the formula contains more than 98% of natural origin ingredients, it works more safely on the sensitive and weakened pet’s skin and body. Also, Pet Hygienic Wipes are multi-purpose cleansing wipes made exclusively for pets that have been researched for a long time to suit the characteristics of pets.  

PuppyCrush Pet Finger Tooth Wipes are easy-to-use, disposable finger-shaped dental cleaning treatments that can keep your pet’s teeth clean without brushing. Each wipe is enriched with a unique cleansing solution containing 97% natural origin and hygienically individually sealed so that you can use and discard it whenever you need. These finger wipes will ensure that your pet’s teeth and gum stay clean and safe. Plus, the Strawberry flavor will leave your pet’s breath smelling fresh and clean. 

PuppyCrush Pet Hygienic Wipes “Unscented” and “Fresh Scent” are an easy and convenient way to wipe away daily dirt and odor to keep your precious pet’s skin and coat always clean and healthy. Each wipe is moistened with a gentle cleansing formula containing Coconut and Vanilla Extract and is an all-purpose cleansing wipe that can be used on all parts of your pet’s body, including eyes, ears, face, paws, coat, and tail. Now, clean your pet anytime, anywhere!

Puppy Crush, a vegan pet brand, is currently able to purchase on U.S. Amazon.


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