MarsNFT – The important Key to Open The Door of Metaverse

November 29 21:14 2022

As the entrance to the metaverse, NFT has become a popular thing that is widely known recently, ranking on the top list of people’s daily topics, which even brought an interesting phenomenon — when you walking on the street, you would hear the blueprint of a beautiful world under the Metaverse randomly.

Every kind of capital are rushing to seize the digital track of Metaverse. For example, the reorganization of Google Labs, which includes AR and VR business, project Starline (holographic video call) and Area 120 internal incubator, the preparation of Musk’s SpaceX to build a blockchain-based social media platform before acquiring Twitter, and all the staff co-creating the first “Roblox” of Metaverse is even more successful…

Technology changes all the time, and the in-depth cultivation of GEETENK Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. in Metaverse has made it stand out, which are recognized by more and more partners.

GEETENK Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GEETENK) is a Metaverse Data Collection technology company. The core members of the team are composed of EMBA masters from Tsinghua University, EMBA from Peking University HSBC Business School, masters in computer science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and masters from Liaoning University. Team members have served in many of the world’s top 500 companies such as BYD, Huawei, PetroChina, New York Blackstone, etc. They have a full range of operational experience in the blockchain digital industry, as well as mature experience in overseas and domestic capital operations, which are also good at business investment operations management in the field, and was fortunate enough to have participated in Huawei’s global business consulting project.

GEETENK has nearly 100 independent intellectual property rights and compliance licenses. It is one of the few legal platforms in the blockchain industry that has obtained regional full copyright and qualifications. In order to increase the global operation and promotion, they are about to obtain global licenses in Hong Kong and Singapore soon.

MarsNFT is a diversified Metaverse ecological platform that integrates NFT casting, issuance, on-chain, trading, application and social networking. MarsNFT has jointly released digital collections with well-known IPs, brands and creators, and assigns values to digital collections by binding them with physical objects. On the premise of compliance, to realize the circulation and transfer of artistic copyright and digital value.

MarsNFT has won the approval of many partners for its professionalism, which has successively attracted dozens of famous artists to settle in the community, such as Chinese painting master Xu Beihong, world artist Zhang Daqian, lacquer painter in  Metaverse Zhang Hong, and well-known calligraphy artist Liu Lanfei, and also reached a cooperation with the China Aerospace Museum to empower the digital world in Metaverse together.

In May 2022, MarsNFT was officially launched and the first Genesis collection released by the platform was swept away. It was favored by many fans for its numerous interests and exquisite design style. At one point, the collection value of the relevant collections increased nearly 1,000 times in the third-party NFT consignment market, attracting nearly one million registered users in the same period.

In July 2022, MarsNFT hit it off with the International Business Alliance/MBA, based on the consensus on the layout of the blockchain and digital ecology, the two parties jointly released the “Metaverse Business Association Badge”, which is a limited out-of-print digital collection belonging to the “Metaverse Business Association Digital Collection Platform Business Alliance Program”. With Member’s approval, it sold out immediately after released.

In September 2022, Zhang Hong, the first person of lacquer painting in Metaverse, settled in the MarsNFT community. In order to thank the community users for their support of his brand, Zhang Hong co-branded MarsNFT to release the Blind Box of Westward Journey Myth. The blind box is limited to 50,000 copies, however, it won’t stop the enthusiasm of users at all, as the popularity of the release is unprecedented. During the release, the server was even overloaded, and all the blind boxes were sold out in a very short time!

All above, we can see the huge popularity of MarsNFT.

As the important entrance to Metaverse, MarsNFT has become the landing scene of many applications such as VR/AR, blockchain, NFT, and DeFi. So what is the Metaverse? How did MarsNFT become the key to unlock the door to Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual world constructed by people using digital technology, a virtual world that mirrors or even surpasses the real world and can interact with the real world, which is also a digital living space with a new social system.

In the real world, things like literary works, musical works, film and television works have clear copyrights. However, in Metaverse, let’s say avatars, digital paintings, and even the house you built yourself in the game, how can these be determined? What about ownership?

This is what MarsNFT does. It provides rights confirmation and property rights transactions for digital assets in Metaverse. At the same time, to open up the Metaverse and real assets to empower digital assets. While in the future, we will even expand cooperation in various fields to develop 3D personal space and bring customers an immersive and realistic Metaverse space.

As you can see, ambitious Metaverse projects like MarsNFT work through collaborations between fields, including media, blockchain, digital assets, NFTs and Metaverse, 3D&2D visual design and software development. This is just the beginning, the team will add more partners in the future, looking forward to your joining.

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