Distinguished gastroenterologist Dr. Akram Ismail intends to enhance the practice of gastroenterology in Egypt

November 29 14:01 2022
Dr. Akram Ismail, a licensed and award-winning gastroenterologist, returns home after huge success in the United States to help advance gastroenterology in Egypt.

Dr Akram Ismail

Dr. Akram Ismail, a gastroenterology specialist with more than forty years of involvement with the medical field, is reportedly returning to Egypt to give back to the community after achieving colossal accomplishments in the US as a medical care professional. This is without a doubt one of the most outstanding instances of homecoming in ongoing memory.

As per a report delivered by Research and Markets, one of the top statistical surveying firms, the size of the worldwide market for gastrointestinal solutions is expected to increase from $46.68 billion in 2020 to $62.19 billion in 2025. The ascent of manufacturers and brands on a worldwide scale, as well as rising demand, have all been named key market drivers. A significant market for gastrointestinal treatments is still in Africa. Be that as it may, a ton of families experience difficulty tracking down top-notch products and services. Dr. Akram Ismail, MD, is attempting to change this issue by getting back to Africa and beginning with Egypt.

Before choosing to move his abundance of information to Egypt to propel gastroenterology there, Dr. Akram had made incredible progress in the US, where his patients revered him for his sympathy and empathy. In the wake of procuring his medical degree from the AIN SHAMS University/Faculty of Medicine in 1981, he started functioning as a gastroenterologist in Leesburg, Florida.

With his work, Dr. Akram treated different digestive-related issues, like abnormality or provocative entrail illness, and got acclaim from both professional associations and his patients. He worked together with different specialists and specialists in the medical firm Tri County Professional Management Inc. without fundamentally being partnered with any emergency clinics, which permitted him to stand out in the medical business. As President and Senior Partner of Professional Gastroenterology and Surgery Associates in Leesburg, Florida, he likewise played various jobs in expanding the area of gastroenterology.

The Florida Medical Affiliation, the State Board of Medical Examiners of New Jersey, the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, and the American Board of Internal Medicine are only a couple of the medical associations that have granted Dr. Akram Ismail, MD, testaments, and acknowledgments. He additionally got residency affirmations in internal medicine, pediatrics, and stomach-related sicknesses. He will utilize these claims to fame to propel gastroenterology in Egypt. 

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