Macdonald Chirara: The Young Man Who Holds the Key to Bridge the Global Energy Gap

November 29 13:35 2022
Macdonald Chirara: The Young Man Who Holds the Key to Bridge the Global Energy Gap

80% of global energy consumption owes to fossil fuels. Statistics show that the rise in global population will increase global energy demands in the next twenty years by a whopping 48%. The nearing doom of fossil fuel depletion makes it the need of the hour to resort to sustainable energy solutions. Macdonald Chirara, a young Zimbabwe entrepreneur, rises as a silver lining amidst this time of despair and chaos through his path-breaking renewable energy solutions.

Macdonald Chirara and his brainchild Everlasting Technologies enterprise work to create green communities worldwide. The company provides innovative green solutions to global energy demands. It primarily works on manufacturing accessible waste management systems that generate electricity and cooking gas from organic household waste. The company, which is still in its infant phase as a start-up, beholds the vision to provide inclusive and affordable energy solutions to underprivileged communities worldwide.

The journey and story of Everlasting Technologies will only be completed by mentioning its founder Macdonald Chirara. The project to bridge the global energy gap resonates with Macdonald beyond the professional level. Born and brought up as part of a less-privileged community in Zimbabwe, Macdonald has faced the hardships of not having electricity and cooking gas. The people around him had no other option but to clear forests for sourcing energy, and this despair of the people for energy sources and the unfortunate state of planet earth is what brought Macdonald to the field of sustainable energy solutions.

His efforts to devise a handy solution to energy requirements began humbly as a small school project. He spent hours and days researching to perfect a practical plan and eventually developed a working model of his concept. He participated in school and university science fairs and tried to earn funding to explore the commercial aspects of his project. He gained a grant to develop a prototype of his system via the SNV green innovation challenge. His prototype earned acclaim in numerous science fairs and forums, and he finally raised more funds to establish his debutant enterprise, Everlasting Technologies.

The product in focus at Everlasting Technologies is known by the name Biogas digester. It features a system that efficiently breaks down organic waste into electricity, including cow dung and vegetable peels. The system’s highlight is the usage of local invasive plants as the catalyst of the process, which provides two-fold use- the electricity production gets further accelerated, and the menace of such invasive plants is also taken care of.

The vision of Macdonald and everlasting Technologies earns praise at numerous national and international scientific forums and has received coveted awards like the Intel (Regeneron) International Science and Engineering Fair 4th place Energy category Award, Arizona State University Rob and Mellon Walton Sustainability Award, Yale Science and Engineering Award, etc. Thousands follow Macdonald on Instagram and various other social media platforms to extend support and assistance to his noble efforts.

The significance of Everlasting Technologies is exceptionally high in countries like Zimbabwe, where electrification remains a dream for more than 80% of the rural population. Macdonald cherishes the goal of an energy-sufficient Africa and works to transform the energy ecosystem in the continent positively. His vision to spread his affordable and renewable energy solution across Africa is already commencing with his efforts to expand into countries like Kenya and Rwanda.

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