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November 29 04:00 2022

InventtEd™ is a pioneer education platform that will help you become more efficient, effective, and productive. It is an infinite way to improve your productivity, student learning, and engagement.

Top Services For Schools

School Management Software (ERP):

InventtEd™ offers its clients a comprehensive and easy-to-use ERP system that enables school administrators to bolster productivity and manage their institutions in a more efficient manner while reducing the time and effort that is required for running a school.

Learning Management System (LMS):

Through its close collaborations, InventtEd™ has come to know the needs and demands of Educational Institutions. Therefore, we have developed an integrated learning management system that seamlessly bridges the offline and online learning worlds and is designed to meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

With an objective of reimagining education through advanced AI services, InventtEd™ has overcome knowledge gaps in the traditional education system and ushered in a new wave of automation with smart content, virtual tutor, text summarization, automated essay grading, 24/7 access to learning and much more.

Personality and Career Development:

As an educational platform that prioritizes the holistic development of students, Inventted offers a one-stop solution for all the prerequisites including career counselling, professional support, psychological and personality development, adversity quotient, emotional intelligence, and IQ testing.

Tutor Management System:

Learn24 is a powerful Tutor Management System that is packed with amazing features for institutions, instructors, and students. The platform allows tutors and course creators to create recorded videos including multi-language videos. You can host live classes, text courses, quizzes, certifications, referral programs, and affiliate programs, among others. Learn24 is a fantastic platform for generating passive income. Sign up today for free!

Educational Marketing & Branding Support:

Every school is unique in terms of imparting education, some use play-way methods while some give more importance to their curriculum.

But do you know – just having the infrastructure, facilities, and the best curriculum won’t help you get more admissions for your school? We need to have proper channels for marketing the USP of your school.

Customized Plan For School:

Each school has its own requirements. Products and services cannot be pushed randomly by a company. Therefore, customization comes into the picture. We at InventtEd™, provide fully customized services that are aimed at the targeted benefits of an institution. It is now possible for customers to pay only for the services they use with InventtEd™. 

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