Famous Author Derrin Gleaton Sr. Releases New Book Titled “Let’s Stick Together”

November 25 09:21 2022
The famous American author, and entrepreneur Derrin Gleaton Sr., has recently released his latest book titled “Let’s Stick Together,” which is expected to become another bestseller as it is already receiving rave reviews from parents and critics alike.

Celebrated children’s book author Derrin Gleaton Sr. is excited to announce that his new book, “Let’s Stick Together,” is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Ingramsparks, and many other local stores and is already receiving rave reviews from parents.

In insect life, it’s not always easy to build a colony. You might have to fight for your space in a crowded room, or you might have to work hard to find food for your young. But what happens when you have more than enough room? What happens when everyone is fed and happy?

That’s what Derrin Gleaton Sr.’s new book “Let’s Stick Together” is all about – the book follows the inspirational adventures of two different ant colonies as they come and stick together to build a much larger settlement for everyone. It tells the story of one of the ants, who struggles to overcome her fears and insecurities, and works hard to ensure that everyone in the colony has enough food to eat.

A parent who bought the book for their children says, “Reading this book to my daughter made me realize that these ants are not just ordinary insects, but a symbol of our society. In this story, the ants face challenges and overcome them. Then, when everything seems to be lost, the ants come together and succeed because of their unity. That’s exactly what we need as a society. The book is very educational while at the same time entertaining. I highly recommend it!”

Another parent said, “I loved this book, which taught me a lot about ants. I especially liked the lesson about teamwork. Children learn best when you make learning fun, and that’s what this book did for me. The author did a tremendous job; I won’t be surprised if the book wins multiple awards.”

Gleaton Sr.’s first book was called “You Can Be Fly,” which is about the power of positivity and perseverance, inspiring children never to lose hope and always try to touch new limits. No wonder it has been called “a must-read” for their kids by numerous parents worldwide.

“My mission in life is to inspire kids and adults to reach their full potential. I feel like this book does just that,” says Derrin Gleaton Sr. “It is my hope that after reading my books, children will realize that no matter who you are, where you live, or what you’re going through, you can still accomplish great things.”

The author is dedicated to his craft, and It is pretty remarkable that apart from being a successful author of two bestseller books, he also owns a Bowtie brand, Swaggbows, that customizes and designs some of the hottest bow ties and gets regularly featured in major fashion shows across the country.

As part of giving back to the community, Derrin Gleaton Sr. teaches in seminars at various halfway homes around the country, helping people with addiction problems, teaching them how to read, and inspiring them to reintegrate into society.

To know more about the author and explore his books, one can visit Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com and BooksAMillion.com.

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Derrin Gleaton Sr. is an American writer, entrepreneur, and founder of Swaggbows, a bowtie brand. He is best known for his two bestseller children’s books, “You Can Be Fly” and “Let’s Stick Together.” He is also a motivational speaker and a seminar teacher.

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