Incubator Hub: The XRPL network has established its first AMA Lounge

November 24 00:17 2022
Incubator Hub: The XRPL network has established its first AMA Lounge
This AMA Lounge will provide comprehensive daily news sources from start-up projects on the network and beyond. unites the XRPL and BSC community, creating an innovative approach to AMA (Ask Me Anything) lounges duly named

The AMA lounge endeavours to provide its listeners and viewers with updates in the blockchain, Web3 and crypto space as well as hosting live AMA sessions with new project founders. 

The creation of the lounge will be a collaborative pursuit with, an NFT ecosystem platform based on the XRP ledger, which has network access to a multitude of tier 1 athletes, musicians, influencers, and entrepreneurs such as James Rule, Jennifer Arcuri, Vix Smith, and Perry Parker as well as Web3 / blockchain-based projects. 

ShibaNFT has recently announced its collaboration with The Labz, a Web3 ecosystem builder platform specialising in the creation and deployment of innovative Web3 technologies, blockchain-focused architecture venture activities, and holistic DeFi technical consultancy.

The Chief Executive Officer of The Labz commented, “The Labz team is excited to collaborate on creating the pioneering AMA lounge for the XRPL community and all other network communities. This is a step forward in the mass adoption challenge and amalgamating communities alongside exposing start-up project founders to new network opportunities”.

Furthermore, to the announcement of the AMA lounge going live, there will be two planned NFT collections in the coming weeks. These NFT collections will be free for users to mint, with the utility providing holders with access to technological and business development advancements held by The Labz.

The two collections will showcase two types of aesthetics with various traits. One of the NFT collections will present a nutty professor for the BSC community. Following the release of the initial NFT collection, the second collection will be a re-design of the initial NFTs fused with the famous ShibaNFT dog from XRPL.

Now, the question arises: “what makes the Incubator Hub AMA lounge different from other AMA lounges?”

AMA lounges currently run on a linear relationship with their guests. Once the AMA has been conducted, there is typically a limited relationship between the lounge and the guest.

The Incubator Hub endeavours to reinvent the wheel and approach AMA’s in a new manner. With the plethora of network access within the Web3 and traditional business space alongside a robust delivery network that is well-versed in a multitude of technology stacks and blockchain, AMA guests (project founders) will be able to opt for a holistic end-to-end blockchain architecture framework which spans from being introduced to tier 1/2/3 VC firms, Web3 product ecosystem development and ensuring the products within the project’s ecosystem are VC ready and market ready.


Part 2 of the roadmap includes An NFT collection with incredible utility, which will benefit Projects and NFT holders alike in a way that’s never before been achieved on either blockchain.

More information on this collection will be made public in December in anticipation of its launch on January the 1st in anticipation of new year’s resolutions.

The Labz’s product ecosystem builds span from:

– Email to Wallet Integration

– Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs)

– Payment Gateways

– Open / Closed NFT Marketplaces

– Entire NFT Collection Creations

– Token Contracts / Tokenomics development

– Custom Smart Contract development

– Entire Metaverse development

Please Visit for more information and how to contact us. There will be a form to add your telegram id so we can update you as soon as the lounge is live, which will be just hours before the mint of the BSC ‘professors’ @ 1 pm BST time.

You can visit to get a look at the professors and have a look at the 250 unique traits in anticipation of trying to mint the ‘super rare’ retro marvel professors, but the link to generate a code won’t be live till the minute before the launch to ensure fairness. Also, the codes will expire, so people don’t ‘hoard them.’

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