Horizonte Lied releases Remastered Edition of Reciclaje

November 23 19:37 2022
Horizonte Lied’s latest full-length album unearths 11 SynthPop gems pulsating with dark and cosmic 80s energy.

Horizonte Lied has spent the greater part of the past two decades carving out a sound that encapsulates the spirit of the 80s, unapologetically echoing Synth Pop and Industrial influences of those who came before them.

After a string of successful releases that have seen the band rise in its standing among the New Wave revival bands of today, Horizonte Lied debuted ‘Reciclaje,’ an 11-track compilation of tracks that never saw the light of day, until now.

Originally planned as their debut album back in 2001, the remastered edition of this LP takes those relics of the past, polishing them up with a modern and high-quality production. Complete with their signature analog drum machines and hauntingly reverberating synths, each track in the album explores a range of themes from criticism and extreme capitalism, to fake news and media manipulation, existentialism, procrastination, self-deprecation, and our deepest fears. 

It’s relentlessly dark throughout, without ever falling into the trappings of being a monotonous, one-note affair. Certain tracks break the mold, speaking to brighter themes surrounding love, hope, and optimism.

Horizonte Lied’s influences are clear as day, with their sonic palette ushering strong nods to Industrial Electronic acts like Nine Inch Nails, Dark SynthPop reminiscent of Depeche Mode/Soda Stereo, and contemporary acts like Drab Majesty.

Horizonte Lied’s success has landed them their fair share of accolades, including being the opening act for the legendary gothic band Clan of Xymox in 2002 and playing at the festival ‘Sequence 001’ in Mexico City alongside Planet Pop and Nexus 8 in 2003. In 2018; their first Spotify single, ‘Wishing To Be There’ amassed 18,000 plays in two months, and more recently, ‘Zona Prohibida’ surpassed that in just a single month.

Reciclaje premiered on 30th September 2022, on the independent label, ‘SynthpopYourWorld Records’, and is available to stream and purchase across all major platforms. For media inquiries, including interviews and all things press-related, please email: [email protected]

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About Horizonte Lied:

Electronic music group Horizonte Lied recently announced the release of its brand-new industrial synthpop album, “Reciclaje [Remastered Edition],” which explores the concept of “Recycling” existing sounds and music to produce something fresh.

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