Metaverse Web3.0 Popular Science-MoneyKing Blockchain Game Platform New Pattern Introduction

November 21 15:36 2022

As we all know, after the current metaverse “industry” concept has gone viral, society today and even the whole world has once again entered a new world pattern. What comes with it is the concretization of metaverse Web3.0 concept.

If someone doesn’t understand metaverse and Web3.0, I would like to explain the reasons for its popularity with the most obvious cases.

In the last hundred years, human creativity and development power has stepped into an unprecedented speed, from feudal farming culture to the current information technology, we has gained great achievements by only a century of time, which is a delightful achievement and something to be proud of in itself, but the attendant drawbacks have also been shown. The global demand for resource mining has led to less and less ecological resources, and the extension of human life cycle has led to an increasingly expanding population. In this macro direction, human beings have to consider how the world should develop in the future and how to survive harmoniously and sustainably under this planet.

The ensuing direction of development has led to two different points:

The first is the exploration of physical space, to develop technology in outer space to find a new circle of life. This is just like the movie “Wandering Earth” shows, humans will consume a lot of Earth’s resources and time to develop technology to explore the search for a whole new planet to live on.

The second is the exploration of virtual space, in the era of population expansion, the industry demand for more and more, competition is getting bigger and bigger, to create a second virtual reality coexistence world is the fastest way to solve this problem. This is just like what the Chinese movie “Ready Player” shows, where virtual reality assets coexist, and Oasis is a platform completely not managed by any one person, completely decentralized, with the world identity and reality bound uniquely inside, which is the original intention of blockchain technology application, and the architecture prototype of the metaverse and Web3.0 world.

Thinking back to 20 years ago, when the traditional offline entity industry was impacted by the online Internet, the whole world and even the circle of people’s life changed drastically. And the most related one is the “impact of information technology” which changes people’s life and even concepts. The next twenty years may be a brand new breakthrough, jumping on the basis of the Internet, combined with blockchain technology created resource aggregation platform, which is compliant, unique and decentralized.

MoneyKing is a globalization DeFi platform that all realize the vertical game value ecology on the NFT chain of ERC-721 protocol, aims to build a metaverse Web3.0 platform with full strength by aggregating all kinds of head resources and gamification to create the integration of content layer.

Through NFT technology, it opened up the value exchange between the virtual world of Web3.0 crypto assets and the real world, thus building a more practical metaverse platform.

Blockchain game in essence is a product of blockchain technology and game industry combining with each other and running in both directions, and it is also the scenario that naturally fits best to the application of blockchain technology besides currency and finance.

The existing problems of the traditional game industry such as: the proliferation of plug-ins, opaque game data, progressively shorter life cycle, monopoly of distribution channels and silo effect have been shackling the development of the industry. The inherent characteristics of blockchain technology (such as smart contract iteration and on-chain supervision system, etc.) have injected new vitality into the whole game industry. For the first time, people are truly aware that the mesmerizing scenes in the metaverse depicted in Ready Player are not out of reach.

Plentiful in ideal yet skiny in reality. At present, the underlying technology of NFT is still not perfect enough, and the bridge itself is slightly thin, not yet enough meet some goals (cross-chain, fragmentation, mortgage lending, etc.). In other words, it is a contradiction between the future with endless potential contained in NFT and the initial status.

With the idea of making gaming assets more valuable, Money King established the first on-chain competitive welfare gaming platform. MoneyKing is a competitive gaming ecological platform focusing on the GameFi welfare section in Southeast Asia, dedicated to combining the ecological application of competitive welfare + DEFI section, constructing a fair and just competitive model of chain gaming assets based on the global decentralization concept, vertical Gaming market forecast and competitive welfare agreement, shaping an open and transparent, decentralized and perfect ecological value project.

MoneyKing vertical game competitive welfare value ecological platform has currently launched the first GameFi blockchain game project “Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru” DEFI competitive welfare game, opened public test, with a simple and clear and efficient sense of interactive experience, built under the protection of user earnings and risk, user earnings can reach 120% minimum guarantee.

5 NFT heroes form a team to challenge the level, each challenge level consumes 10 blood points and can be challenged ten times. Hero battle power is higher than the monster’s, the victory rate is as high as 80%, the minimum guarantee 20% victory rate. The earnings premium up to 3000% times. The game is online for competitive challenges, with a maximum reward of 100,000 USDT.

Sign up for a free hero mystery box, heroes can play against and get high USDT rewards; and can be opened through the purchase of mystery boxes to get different “levels” of heroes for competitive battles; [collectible models] ERC-721NFT heroes issue to a limited 100, the platform is the highest 30 times recovery.

*Get your favorite hero

*How to get?

Method 1: First-time registration will give you an ordinary Mystery Box, the probability of opening a rare hero is low

Method 2: Invite friends to get a normal Mystery Box, the probability of opening a rare hero is low

Method 3: Top up 100U, you can get a rare gold Mystery Box with, high probability of opening a rare high-power hero

Ordinary mystery box: N level: 60%; R level: 20%; SR level: 14%; SSR level: 5%; UR level: 1%

Gold mystery box: N grade: 30%; R grade: 30%; SR grade: 20%; SSR grade: 10%; UR grade: 10%

Sales distribution:

30%: A prize pool will be set up, which will be divided proportionally at the end of each month among the top ten users in terms of number of challenges.

20%: Set up a challenge competition to reward the participating users.

20%: Project development and operation costs

20%: Airdrop use

10%: Owned by the platform (operation and technical maintenance).

At present, MoneyKing platform has opened Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 100,000 USDT bounty tournament, which will divide 20% of the platform’s revenue reward at the end of each month.

Champion: 30% earnings

Runner-up: 20% earnings

Second runner-up: 10% earnings

4-10th place: 30% profit

11-20th place: 10% profit


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