LPVEA’s Efforts towards the Management of Private Historical Buildings in Latvia

November 16 22:26 2022

Skrunda District, LV – LPVEA or the Latvian Private Historic Buildings Association operates to create the most favourable environment for managing and developing private historic buildings and properties in Latvia. The rich architectural history that Latvia is known for has been formed over several centuries owing to the contributions of different empires and nations. And the main objective at LPVEA is to preserve and offer a new lease of life to the historical buildings and properties in Latvia. The association has taken up the task of preserving several historical buildings in Latvia, the most famous being Skrunda Manor.

At http://www.lpvea.lv/biedri/skrundas-muiza/, people will find the LPVEA as the perfect platform for exchanging ideas, building cooperation with national and international organizations and promoting the recognition of historical properties in Latvia and even abroad. The activities of this private organization are designed, funded and implemented by its supporters and members, who are:

  • Private companies and individuals who own historical homes.
  • Buildings.
  • Parks or gardens in the Latvia countryside.

With its inception in November 2014, the LPVEA has eight members at present, and it is also a member of the European Historic Houses that represent the major interests of this association at the European level. The association currently includes a total of 50,000 European historic property owners, the major being Skrunda Manor.

Located high on the Venta banks, Skrunda Manor has been built in classic style and is considered a small duplicate of the Mezotne Palace for its visual lines and architecture. This 19th-century building is also referred to as a palace in several lists and chronicles of municipal real estate. Its reconstruction development project started in the year 2006. During the project’s initial phase, it was found that the roof deflection of the 1st and the 2nd floors exceeded the allowed limit, which is why it was important to change the internal structures of the Skrunda Manor. The renovation work of the building also involved using concrete technologies to strengthen its foundations.

The reconstruction work commenced in 2009 summer, and the structure was ready for operation in November 2011. A major part of the money required for the building’s reconstruction work came from the EU co-financing program for tourism development. In 2012, November, the co-owners of Anderson Baltic, a non-liability company that is into renting and operating leased or owned real estate, Ligita Šteinberga and Arvis Šteinbergs, were given an honorary letter from Skrunda County Council to contribute to the Manor’s restoration.

People can find Arvis Šteinbergs at https://twitter.com/_reynsi_/status/225141920853274625. Here, they will be amazed to know that the Anderson Baltic co-owner has done a commendable job in restoring the Skrunda Manor and even in popularizing its name; in supporting and organizing public and cultural events and in publishing a book ofArtūrs Heniņas- the popular historian.

While evaluating some of the best structures in Latvia in 2011, the Association of Latvian Builders awarded the third place to Skrunda Manor in the Reconstruction nomination, with the first position in the nomination going to the Riga Stock Exchange.

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