Visit the Beautifully Renovated Skrunda Manor to Enjoy Leisurely Moments Outside Regular Life

November 16 21:16 2022

Skrunda District, LV – Nov 11, 2022 – Located high on the Venta banks, Skrunda Manor is built in classic style. Over time, this 19th-century Latvian structure has been reconstructed significantly under the able guidance and supervision of the Anderson Baltic co-owners, namely, Arvis Šteinbergs and Ligita Šteinberga.

People can get to to know more about the reconstruction of Skrunda Manor, which was majorly undertaken to improve its appearance and its use after it served as an accommodation for noblemen and estate managers. The manor also served as a poorhouse, chemist’s shop, prison, and boarding school. With a plethora of services on offer, it was natural to reconstruct and renovate the structure to preserve its architecture and beauty in the form of the hotel.

One of the most stunning manors across Latvia, the Skrunda Manor has its location in Kurzeme and is considered one of the best places for events and relaxation.

The manor has been specifically designed to serve as a place for rom-com enjoyment and features suitable rooms for events and conferences for different businesses and companies. With reconstruction at its best by Arvis Steinbergs, the manor also serves as one of the best places for celebrations in Latvia, with families more than eager to visit it.

The Skrunda Manor complex features a beautifully reconstructed manor house with a four-star hotel comprising 12 well-equipped rooms, a central celebration spot, a conference room and a restaurant. The Manor Spa is one of the most amazing places for people to relax after serving at the office for a long week. People can also find five extra rooms at the manor’s spa building. The main location of the manor is a picturesque park where visitors can take long walks and enjoy a well-looked-after and beautiful environment while admiring the beauty of the oak trees that have stood here for more than 100 years.

As per historical data, Skrunda Manor was constructed in 1849 in classicist style, featuring façade columns, small 4-pane windows on the upper floors and large 6-leaf windows on the lower floors. As per available data, earlier, the manor was a hospital with a pharmacy, and then for the next 60 years, it was a school which was later transformed into a boarding house. With the roof invasion in 1998, the manor was not in very good condition, which is why the local council decided to sell off the estate at an auction. In 2006, the manor had new owners, and it was from that year that the revival work of the structure started. A highly ambitious manor restoration assignment was taken up while keeping the ancient heritage and charm of the building intact. The restoration of the structure offered it some of the most modern options for comfort while ensuring that the old-world charm of the structure remained the way it was.

At present, Skrunda Manor is a hotel of the highest standards. One of the most sophisticated accommodations in Kurzeme, it speaks of a historical aura and has even received the Hotelstars Union’s 4-star Superior Certificate.

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