Dr. Drew Karp’s revolutionary product, the BOĆE Coaster, enhances the taste, texture, and flavor profile of beverages

November 15 15:25 2022
Dr. Drew Karp's revolutionary product, the BOĆE Coaster, enhances the taste, texture, and flavor profile of beverages
BOĆE, which is touted by Top Chef’s Fabio Viviani, has already won acclaim from internet users who used it to test Dr. Drew Karp’s claim. As a result of their findings, 8,000 BOĆE Coasters have been sold in just two months.

Coasters have never been seen as something useful in making drinks taste better. Their role has strictly been to avoid liquid stains on the table. However, the brainchild of Dr. Drew Karp – a holistic physician, BOĆE, has changed this forever and for the better.

An innovative product that revolutionizes the way people drink wine, spirits, water, coffee, tea, or any other beverage, Dr. Drew Karp’s BOĆE is a unique coaster that enables the user to easily achieve a better-tasting and more enjoyable drink.

The secret lies in the fact that the coaster is made from a specific proprietary color that perfectly replicates the energy of rainwater to match its wavelengths and frequencies. This helps reduce oxidation and increases aeration in drinks, backed by lab results, giving them a noticeably smoother taste. Dr. Karp named this color Drew Blue, and all BOĆE coasters are made up of it. 

The coaster was an instant hit leading to 8,000 units being sold in just 2 months with only 18 returns. Even legendary chef like Fabio Viviani from Top Chef was amazed by the results BOĆE coaster produced and decided to become its brand ambassador.

The best part of the BOĆE coaster is that it works with all beverages. Just place it under the glass, mug, or bottle and let the mother-nature-inspired color and its specific frequencies do their work. The drinks will become smoother, tastier, and more enjoyable.

BOĆE asks their customers to take The BOĆE Challenge. Users take two glasses of the same drink and place one on the coaster and one off the coaster for just 3 minutes. Then taste the drink on the coaster first and then taste the drink off the coaster right after. This challenge has so far been a massive hit as users have reported that they tasted a smoother and more flavorful drink than the one off the coaster. In the words of one user, “Tasting is believing!”

Amazon is currently on their 4th reorder this month. The BOĆE Coaster is also available via their website.

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