Overr Garners Praise for being Australia’s Best Gaming marketplace

November 12 01:41 2022

Gamers, rejoice! No longer do they have to trawl through eBay listings or Facebook marketplace ads to find their favorite games and consoles – now, there’s a one-stop shop for all their gaming needs, and it’s on Overr.

Overr is Australia’s only gaming marketplace that specialises exclusively in games and consoles. They understand the passion of a collector or gamer because they are collectors and gamers themselves, so they created this platform to connect all of Australia’s gamers in one central community online.

Not only do they provide a space for gamers to buy and sell their wares, but they also support small Aussie businesses too. Whether it’s an independent game store or a local market stall, they have the facilities to import your products onto their site and give people the exposure they deserve. 

How it works

Creating an account on Overr is quick and easy – simply head to their sign up page, fill in their details and link their Paypal account. Once someone has signed up, they can start buying and selling  with fellow gamers from all over Australia.

No time to sell? 

Sellers can upgrade their accounts to take advantage of Overr’s Concierge Service. A premium service where sellers send in their stock to the Overr team who will test, publish to their store and post items on the their  behalf once sold!  Perfect for those who are experiencing growing pains with their store, who can’t afford to hire new staff or those who need a hand with customers. Giving back more time to sellers so they can focus on what they enjoy the most. Let Overr do the hard work for you.  

What they Offer:

People Looking for the best gaming marketplace in Australia,  look no further than Overr. With a huge selection of games for consoles old and new, as well as a variety of gaming accessories, Overr has everything people need to get their game on.

What makes Overr different from other marketplaces? For starters, they don’t put any limits on how many items people can list for sale, or how long their listings can stay up. There are no hidden costs and once a sale is made, sellers are immediately paid. Not a few days later or when the item is received.  

And for those sellers who have physical locations, not only can they utilize the preorder system and coupon marketing but Overr offers a cheap subscription service to their POS, integrating stock between both the website and brick and mortar stores. A better way of managing inventory and eliminating over or under selling of  products.   

Final Thought

With a wide range of games and consoles, with sellers all over Australia and some internationally,  gamers can find everything they need in one single location. 

And for the sellers if your game store needs to be found, there is only one place to set up shop, on Australia’s only gaming marketplace –  Overr, packed with everything you need to bring your business to the  next level. 

For more information visit https://www.overr.com.au.

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