“New Business Centre” is helping kickstart new businesses

November 11 09:13 2022
“New Business Centre,” is the only personalised new business platform.

New Business Centre” provides aspiring new business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe with sharp business acumen, tips to fast-track growth, and guidance to avoid fatal mistakes in one’s business journey.

“Statistically, nearly 97% of all new businesses across Australia, the USA & the UK failed within 2 to 4 years”, shares the team at New Business Centre. Afraid? Don’t worry; here is where the New Business Centre, with its Free Access Program, comes into play as the “Change Agent” that guides new businesses and provides a clear context for their foundations for better business planning & preparation. The aim is to smoothen plan execution and help new businesses build their foundations for long-term growth and success. The free level access also includes impressive features. However, clients must upgrade to a premium package for further support.

Starting a business is easy, but turning it into a successful project requires strategic planning. Success is measured in revenue and profit generation; it’s also about brand growth. Dealing with operational pressures is statistically one of the most challenging aspects of running a new business. 

As Co-founder Matthew Simpson emphasises, “New businesses fail not because they don’t make enough money, but because of all the pressures and other circumstances surrounding it.  Things go wrong due to the absence of systems & processes that keep any “business assembly moving”.  Without proper planning and understanding of the different aspects and areas of how your business operates and why every decision made in the beginning can have an everlasting impact down the road.”

With the Free Access Program, New Business Centre offers personalised Action Plans, Training Modules, deals & discounted services from 3rd party providers, including carefully tailored templates, tools, and many more resources to save you from the hassle of trial and error in setting up your business and taking it to the next level. In combination, all the tools and resources needed are there for a new business owner to learn, structure and plan their business correctly.

“We were tired of seeing many people misinformed, misguided and taken for a ride. We felt a responsibility towards the young business owners and entrepreneurs and wanted to give something back to the new business community,” says Co-Founder Kaye Priest. 

With 50+ years of combined experience poured into initiatives like Free Access Program, Personalized action plans, and more. The team behind New Business Centre has worked with and helped build over 500 businesses across the last ten years, from small trades to manufacturing to startups across multiple sectors, with their designed kits to help “fresh on the boat” businessmen. 

Christian, an appeased user of New Business Centre’s Free Access Program, says, “With so many online offerings these days, that can be pretty expensive, confusing, or not what I need. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not just a good option but a necessity for anyone looking to start a business or generally new to the business. I am grateful for this innovation and highly recommend it to fellow entrepreneurs”.

Sign up for free on this fastest-growing dedicated platform and gain access to all the fantastic services and tools to help you learn and propagate your business.

About New Business Centre

Co-founded by Matthew Simpson-Technical Lead, and Kaye Priest-Business Lead, “New Business Centre” is a web-based, dedicated, completely self-driven personalised platform for new businesses that provide 100% personalised content and action plans for its users based on their business needs and requirements.

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