Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd Presents Complete Sets of Machinery and Equipment for Producing Optical Fiber Cables

September 22 23:13 2022
Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd announces a wide range of modern optical fiber cable equipment, made from high quality raw materials, and customized to customers’ specifications.

Shanghai Weiye is a manufacturer of high-quality optical fiber cable equipment. The firm provides various machine products including fiber coloring machines, secondary coating lines, SZ stranding lines, sheathing lines, and so on. It possesses a complete set of advanced production lines and testing instruments. With its broad product line, they are always eager to learn new ideas and technology from different fields & use it to provide better solutions for its customers. Its staff is made up of a team that is dedicated to achieving success in the market. They view client satisfaction as one of their greatest concerns, aiming at being an industry leader in China on optical fiber cable products along with offering high-quality service. Every line is manufactured to industry-leading quality standards and is tested to ensure the highest degree of reliability.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

The SZ stranding line has been designed with quality features and superior construction. Plus, it has a fully automatic operation system, so as to reduce the daily labor of the operators. This stranding machine is very suitable for SZ stranding fiber loose tubes and all kinds of optical fibers stranding. Compared with other manual stranding equipment, this machine can process a large quantity of cable with high efficiency and shorter time than before. Its high accuracy, reliability and performance are the main advantages. Users always feel satisfied with the machine after purchase.

The Secondary coating line comes with great features and high accuracy. It’s made from quality materials and has a fully automatic operation system to save labor time. It is suitable for jo fiber coating. Its friendly non-contact design requires no disassembly of the assembly line, making its maintenance and repair much easier than before. The machine is safe for the users with no danger of electric shock. Any existing defects can be repaired by installing a new assembly functional part or creating a new functional part to replace the one that is broken. Most importantly, it has strong stability and reliability, which is able to work at high speed and precise operation with few stoppages.

The fiber draw tower is very convenient in size and affordable equipment to produce good quality optical fiber cable. It comes with powerful performance, excellent characteristics and helpful maintenance features. With its automatic operation system, it can provide high-speed and quality products with easy operation. It has a great variety of product types, each with multiple specifications that can be created with ease. This machine comes with consistent quality and long durability, which is one of the highly recommended machines from this manufacturer.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in the optical fiber cable industry, located in Shanghai China. Now it has more than 150 employees and provides valued customers with optic fiber cable products such as fiber coloring machines, secondary coating lines, SZ stranding lines, sheathing lines, and other products. The company has strong technical forces and with this, it can provide new products timely to the market.

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