World TradeX Considering IPO As Tech World’s Next Real Unicorn

July 26 20:22 2022
World TradeX Considering IPO As Tech World’s Next Real Unicorn
The global commodity trading platform is ready to decentralize farming by meeting enormous requirements in the agricultural sector and giving both large and small farmers direct access to buyers worldwide.

In a groundbreaking development, World TradeX has announced its intentions to launch its own IPO in the near future. Known for its proprietary platform that helps create a seamlessly integrated system for the global food supply, the company boasts of some of the best coders from companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Tinder, including a few past executives. According to one of the executives at World TradeX at the recent Forbes AG summit, “World TradeX is the future of food.”

Currently, there is not a single platform for buying and selling in the global food supply chain, particularly in agriculture and commodities. Farmers and producers sell their products to brokers, agents, and middlemen, who frequently charge exorbitant commissions and fees. This often eats away at their profits as they are often paid the contract amount despite the rise in commodity prices. WorldTradeX aims to provide both large and small farmers with direct access to global buyers in order to enable the farming and production community to achieve greater financial success.

The World TradeX app, which is currently in beta mode, is available with features for supporting blockchain, NFT, logistics, finance, and more. The company has also been reportedly meeting with some of Wall Street’s top firms to get the most reliable underwriting possible. They are currently allowing a pre-registration for first access to their app on its launch.

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