AAEX: Major breakthrough in scientific research quantum systems

July 23 01:32 2022

A few days ago, the internationally renowned “Times Technology (Times Technology Blockchain Analysis Team) “announced that it will send “Albin·Barton”, a financial technology lecturer who is an honorary consultant to the group headquarters, to Taiwan to establish a quantum information database with the same specifications as the group headquarters, and to upgrade the authorization level of the group’s latest technology, 「Quantityindex System of Quantum Computer」, and the recent press conference of the Group has brought a big news to the Chinese financial community!

To recognize the achievements of the Taiwan branch and the efforts of the executive CTO, the number of planning places for the Taiwan branch will be increased for the first time, and the honorary consultant, “Albin·Barton”, will coordinate the whole process of the「Quantityindex System」program calculation!

“Liu Weijian” and “Li Hao”, the executive CTO of Taiwan branch, said: 「 It is a great honor to have the privilege to study together during the period with Albin Baron, the honorary consultant of the group headquarters, came to Taiwan to establish the quantum information database and upgrade and improve the data algorithm analysis and calculation logic of the「Quantityindex system of quantum computer」, and another major breakthrough has been brought about in the process! 」

And according to the reporter’s actual visit to the Taiwan branch, it was found that five students have successfully completed the project with 400,000 to 800,000 USDT respectively through the upgraded 「Quantityindex System」, which is another milestone for the Taiwan branch and also a great achievement in Q3 and Q4 quarters!

According to the data of the group’s technology department, this breakthrough not only increased the computing power of the original 「quantum computer Quantityindex system」at 532 times per second computation power, but also increased it by 150% to 798 times per second, which is equivalent to the analysis rules of algorithm have reached nearly 500,000 transactions, the relative fault tolerance rate and stable benefit ratio have also increased by 95% with the original data.

Finally, I interviewed well-known stock media of the consortium foundation pointing out that this time “Times Technology (Times Technology Blockchain Analysis Team)” invested heavily in the establishment of a quantum information database with the same specifications as the European Union and in line with the web3.0 generation. During the upgrade of the authority, it once again brought a breakthrough of nearly 2 times the comprehensive evaluation effect. This breakthrough is bound to bring a very large increase to the group’s stock price. We expect Taiwan branch, as our black horse, can bring us more surprises in the 2nd half of this year!

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