Jialab Presents a Sophisticated Pest and Odor-free way to Dispose of Household Organic Waste

July 21 17:33 2022
Jialab Presents a Sophisticated Pest and Odor-free way to Dispose of Household Organic Waste
The Rindon from Jialab
After four years in development and a successful crowdfunding campaign in Taiwan, the new and improved Rindon — the magical freezer waste bin — is ready to hit the US market.

Jialab announces its revolutionary freezer waste bin, the Rindon (International version) to the US market. The company had successfully sold its entire range of Taiwanese variations in the previous campaign and is very confident that the international version will become a go-to option for the US citizens due to its versatility and affordable price.

The Background

Every year, the world generates roughly 1.3 billion tons of organic waste. In total,  2.1 billion tons of solid waste/trash are produced annually. Landfills lack the necessary conditions for ample decomposition. Furthermore, they emit potent greenhouse gasses, such as methane, to the equivalent of 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide yearly. This contributes to the global warming crisis at 70 times the rate of CO2 over the course of 20 years.

The Problem

Manual composting takes time, and many automatic composting machines are unreliable, concerned with capacity, food/waste type, and the hidden cost of additional add-ons. This has led to an influx of people turning to “curbside composting” as a reliable means of disposing of organic waste.

Introducing Rindon

As it is much more than a traditional composting machine, combining Rindon with a curbside pickup program is one of the easiest and most effective ways to look out for the environment.Throughout Jialab’s previous marketing campaign, the product went completely sold out when more than 2,000+ households across Asia purchased the Rindon-T (Taiwan version) within the first month. Following the success of the first campaign, Jialab is now ready to introduce the world to Rindon International in 2022.Using patented technology, It freezes organic waste to eliminate insects and germs, leaving homes smelling fresh. Compostables are frozen into compact ice bricks that take roughly 12-24 hours to melt on the hottest days so as not to attract attention from raccoons, bears, and other pests. 

Why Choose Rindon?

Other composting machines are limited regarding capacity and food/waste type. Rindon has the ability to freeze up to 6L (1.6 gallons) of waste, or 1-2 weeks’ worth of food waste for a four-person family.

It can handle almost anything, including non-food waste like biodegradable forks, diapers, pet waste, etc. It’s even suitable for food non-conventional food waste like large bones and greasy pasta leftovers that auto-composters cannot handle.

Rindon’s contactless inner bucket and patented V-Clip design allow solid ice bricks to be dislodged with zero contact. Dishwasher safe, the inner bucket can be cleaned quickly when not in use.

With the no.1 converter in the world, operating the Rindon is safe and power-saving equates to roughly 12 cents of power per day. The noise is around 50dB, like an air purifier when the compressor is running. No bags, filters, or pods are required. Plus, there are no hidden fees or additional footprints.To celebrate the launch, Jialab is presently offering an exclusive discount for the early campaign backers. Learn more about Rindon and the early-bird deals of the campaign at www.jialab.com.

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