Turkey Visa – Details of Visa granted by Turkey

July 21 16:45 2022

Turkey visas allow you to visit Turkey and stay there for a set period of time. In addition to studying and working, it can also be used for a number of other purposes. Certain visas even allow you to stay in Turkey for at least a year with a Turkish residence permit.

Turkey Visa Online

Turkish electronic visas are recognized legal documents that permit admission into the nation. Citizens of qualified nations can swiftly get an e-Visa for Turkey using an online application form. With the use of an Internet connection, qualifying travelers can apply for a Turkey visa online.

To apply for a visa online for Turkey, a candidate must provide their full name as it appears on their passport, their birthdate, and their address. Information about your passport, such as when it was issued and when it expires

An online Turkey visa application takes 24 hours to process. After being approved, the e-Visa is sent to the applicant’s email. Passport control personnel at the port of entry look up the Turkish eVisa’s status in their database.

Applying for a Turkish e-Visa

The Turkey Visa Application process is quicker and simpler if you require a Turkish eVisa. The procedures below must be followed in order to obtain an electronic visa for Turkey.

  • Fill out the online application at the Turkish eVisa website.
  • You must get an email requesting you to confirm that you have begun an eVisa application in the next few minutes. If this email does not appear in your inbox, it was likely sent to your spam folder.
  • Then, at the eVisa application website, you must pay the money for an eVisa application. The internet will inform you that you will receive an email with the eVisa after paying the price.
  • An email will be sent to you again. This button, instead of the eVisa, will direct you back to the same page where you must get your eVisa.
  • Your Turkey visa online must be shown to the Turkish authorities in printed form. It is not permitted to provide the border officials with an electronic version of your visa stored on your phone or other devices. Printing the e-visa is required.

Types of Turkey Visa

Tourist/business visa for Turkey.

If transiting through Turkey is your primary reason for visiting, along with tourism, business meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, sporting events, cultural activities, official visits, or trips to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you can apply for this visa.

Education Visa for Turkey.

If your primary objective is to go to Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to pursue an internship, a course, or another educational endeavour, you may apply for this visa.

Work Visa for Turkey.

If your journey to Turkey is primarily for work, if you are an academic, athlete, artist, free zone worker, journalist, or if you need a visa for montage or repair work, you can apply for this visa.

Other Visas.

You may also apply for visas for purposes such as archaeological excavation, exploration, documentary purposes, tour operator representative, medical treatment purposes, accompaniment purposes, family unification purposes, freight visas, or seafarer visas, which do not fall under the categories listed above.

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