Ed-Tech Firm Building The First Study Abroad Community and End-to-End Mentoring For Admissions To Prestigious US And UK Colleges

July 21 12:44 2022
MentR Me is the first of its kind full-spectrum study abroad assistance program that helps desirous students with answers to questions by subject matter experts. Its many features include a personalized list of schools based on preferences, a dashboard, alumni sessions, and more.

According to announcements released by MentR Me and Abhyank Srinet, this India-based Ed-tech firm is building the first community for students who wish to study in North American, Australian, and European universities. Apart from a fast-developing community of students, scholars, teachers, and placement experts, MentR Me provides 100% free end-to-end assistance for placement in prestigious universities.

Students are spared the tedious work of going through university websites to shortlist the most likely ones. Instead they can easily obtain a personalized list of schools by sharing their profile and preferences with the website.

Users can save all the useful information in the dashboard. This way, they know when the form submission deadlines are approaching, if there are any essays to submit, and targets to meet. A glance at the dashboard tells them all they want to know about where they’re headed with their application process.

MentR Me is a one-stop resource for all the answers to applicants’ questions. The questions are answered by experts and successful alumni who know how to navigate the admission and selection processes. Queries are responded to within 24 hours.

Live sessions with alumni of top schools who have gained employment in global firms are a great source of knowledge for those who aspire for successful college careers followed by promising jobs. The information available via MentR Me is a timesaver and a huge money saver; it lets aspirants get things done right the first time.

Individuals can connect with banks through MentR Me. They can look up alumni from the best schools, search for accommodation, and do much more. If it’s a service related to studying abroad, students can find it here.

For more information, go to https://mentr-me.com/

Abhyank Srinet of MentR Me said, “At MentR Me, you can build all school applications in one place. Our unique interface allows users to store all their study abroad documents in one place and a checklist to view your application status and tasks. In my experience, the worst phases of one’s life often yield outstanding outcomes. Because through these, we get to know what to do and what not to do. So, such a learning curve is essential for all. You learn how to avoid mistakes.

I wouldn’t put it like hiccups or anything per se; it’s learning. Since IELTS and TOEFL are no longer available in many regions owing to the pandemic, quite a few schools have started using Duolingo online exams as a substitute.

The Duolingo test is a computer-based English proficiency test on par with the TOEFL, PTE, and Cambridge English Exams. It is economical and easy to conduct for students seeking admission abroad.

The primary advantage of this test is that students can take it from anywhere, and it lasts just an hour. Results are available within the next two days. Due to such convenience, more than 3,000 institutions globally recognize the DET test scores for English proficiency.”

About the Company:

MentR Me is an ed-tech company that provides aspirants with all the help they require to gain admission into top universities, such as Yale, Wharton, Oxford, Cambridge, Monash, etc. The services are free and provided by experts. An individual dashboard is an excellent place for storing information and tracking events.

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