Foreign citizens are now able to apply for Indian medical e-Visa, tourist e-Visa, and business e-Visa

July 21 05:33 2022

Indian Visa Application Online allows citizens from eligible foreign countries to apply for Indian medical e-Visa, business e-Visa, or tourist e-Visa. Foreigners can choose their required type of e-Visa from the e-Visas available at

India Visa Online is an electronic travel document that can replace an ordinary paper Visa. Just like the ordinary paper Visa, foreigners can use an e-Visa to visit India for different purposes. Each type of e-Visa serves different purposes; thus, the individuals must choose the correct e-Visa that suits their purpose of visit.

Indian Medical Visa

Many people from foreign countries seek medical treatment in India because of many reasons. The Government of India made it easier for them to get a Medical Visa for such purposes. Indian Medical e-Visas are short-duration Visas that can be used to enter the country for medical treatment or consultation. It is a triple entry visa with a validity of 60 days from the date of entry. The triple entry feature allows foreign citizens to enter India three times until the Visa validity ends. With one can obtain a medical e-Visa quickly within a few days. The primary thing to remember while conducting medical visits to India is that the medical e-Visa can only be used by the patient. Family members or other people who accompany the patient should apply for a medical attendant e-Visa to enter India.

Indian Business Visa

Indian Business e-Visa is for those foreigners who want to visit India for business-related needs. It is a long-term Visa with a validity of 365 days from the date it is issued. Since Indian Business e-Visa is a multiple entry Visa, it is much more helpful for foreigners who are conducting business in India. They can frequently visit India for different business purposes and are allowed to stay for 180 days continuously on each visit. The rise in different business sectors in India has led to an increase in foreign companies; thus, arise the need for Indian Business e-Visas. Business purposes can be anything related to the business field like meetings, conducting tours, recruiting workers, etc.

With applying for any type of Visa has become easy and fast. Applicants can choose the type of e-Visa they want during the Visa application process. Since each Visa comes with different validity periods and purposes, it is better to choose the correct type of e-Visa.

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