Music Knows No Boundary, Blitzwolf Releases the WA3 PRO Outdoor Speaker

July 19 00:07 2022

Recreation trend has changed a lot during the post-COVID 19 era. Instead of being a couch potato, we tend to go outside and breathe in as much as fresh air as we can and enjoy the good vibes. Summer is in the air. Isn’t it the best time for outdoor activities? Enjoy the breeze at the beach, go camping with families and friends, have a picnic in the beautiful scenery…… Wait a minute, these moments won’t be memorable without music around. So why not choose a portable music speaker and set up your outdoor playlist? Blitzwolf WA3 PRO is exactly your perfect choice for outdoors.

At first glance, you may underestimate the quality of such a compact speaker. Here are 5 reasons explaining why it’s worthy.

1. Small yet Loud

It’s way smaller compared to its 120W powerful output. With strap, it’s easy to carry it on your back or put it in your backpack. Although it’s small, it can get extremely loud to help you stay away from all those annoying noises so it’s also perfect for lifting up the atmosphere at the party. Besides, it doesn’t distort at higher volumes so have fun with great sound performance!

2. 360° all around sound effect

With dual diaphragm and small speakers on each side, you can always feel the 3D all around music wherever you are. For a more vivid sound effect, pair two speakers together then you will be shocked by the 240W powerful surround stereo. Close your eyes and it feels like at live.

3. 3 EQ modes available

WA3 PRO has 3 different modes for different needs. For rock music lovers, “Heavy Bass” mode must be your favorite. If you feel like catching up the lastest news, “Vocal Mode” can make it sound clearer. And “Standard Mode” is right there for you in nearly all the situations.

4. No second choice for outdoors

Carry it on the back with strap, quick and easy. Who can resist a fashionable item which is actually a music speaker? No more worries about the splash at the poolside or sudden rain since we have IPX5 waterproof rating. Power bank is a necessity for outdoors but with WA3 pro, which battery Capacity reaches 16000mAh, there’s no need to bring another one. Generally speaking, nothing’s better than a portable, loud and water-resistant speaker which can also be a emergent power bank, especially for the outdoorsy.

5. Amazing lightshow

Built-in RGB light effect matches the rhythm of the music. Skip the bonfire or string light at night. Simply enjoy the collision of the light and music in just one music speaker!

Generally, Blitzwolf WA3 PRO is an excellent outdoor music speaker that you shouldn’t miss! Take it, and invite your friends to savour every moment in such a wonderful season with music.

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