Creative Biolabs Provides Custom ADC Development for Studies on Cancer Treatment

July 18 23:24 2022
One-stop ADC development service is provided for clients’ cancer studies worldwide at Creative Biolabs, a leading professional biotech company, including but not limited to the consultation in antigen selection, antigen-specific antibody screening, and internalizing antibody selection.

New York, USA – July 18, 2022 – A recently released report titled “Global Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) Market Research Report 2022” indicated that ADCs against cancer and other infectious diseases are highly advantageous compared to the conventional therapeutic approaches due to their high specificity and affinity toward well-defined targets. In addition, it also revealed that cleavable linker segments possessed high performance in ADC drugs and outstanding advantages over other linker technologies.

Novel Antibody-Immunostimulant Conjugates for Cancer Treatment

Antibody-immunostimulant conjugates link potent immune-stimulating payloads to tumor-targeting mAbs and are systemically delivered to the site of action. Immunostimulant payload acting as the TLR agonist is suitable for systemic delivery and capable of safely eliciting tumor-targeted responses. Creative Biolabs offers the following antibody-immunostimulant conjugate development services:

* Antibody-TLR Agonist Conjugates

* Antibody-STING Agonist Conjugates

* Antibody-Chemokines Conjugates

Suitable Linker Chemistry Plays a Key Role in ADC Studies

The basis of ADC technology involves the conjugation of a specific antibody to a toxin via a chemical linker. In the diseased cell, the toxin maximizes its effect by inhibiting cell proliferation. Herein, systemic effects can be minimized and side effects can be avoided. During the ADC development process, the design of a suitable linker is crucial for the stable and efficient delivery of the cytotoxic drug to target cells. Thus, choosing the right antibody-drug linker often plays a key role in optimizing the therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of ADCs. With expertise in ADC linker chemistry, Creative Biolabs provides global clients with professional, state-of-the-art custom ADC linker services, including:

* Designing linker in optimal size

* Selecting linker with suitable release mechanisms

* Engineering linker with compatible conjugation chemistry

* Synthesizing customized linker

* Synthesizing customized drug-linker complexes

Antibody Biopolymer Conjugate (ABC), a New Therapeutic Strategy for Retinal Disease

ABC technology is a novel approach to producing potent and effective drugs with enhanced durability and subsequent clinical effect, as well as demonstrating improved efficacy and excellent safety for retinal disease. In possession of innovative linker technologies and an effective bioconjugation platform, Creative Biolabs is committed to promoting clients’ drug discovery and development. “Our ABC technology is featured by improved bioavailability, improved biocompatibility, improved stability, and fast systemic clearing,” according to a technician.

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About Creative Biolabs

With enhanced experience in antibody production and insight into the human immune system, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to assisting global clients with the studies on ADCs, providing world-leading custom linker and drug-linker complex synthesis services, antibody-immunostimulant conjugate development services, and antibody biopolymer conjugate analysis services.

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