Spectrum EEO Now Offering Training Certification for EEO Investigators

July 18 18:53 2022
Working from home as an EEO investigator gives people the freedom to find a
work-life balance and high earning potential

Virginia-based Spectrum EEO, which provides EEO investigation and resolution services, annual EEO investigator training, curriculum development, compliance support, diversity & inclusion (D&I) consulting and EEO consultation and best practices, is now offering a new training certification for EEO investigators.

According to Jay Christian, Spectrum EEO’s chief operating officer, the decision to offer the training certification comes after recognizing that many people have had a chance to reflect on their life goals during COVID-19 – and that Spectrum EEO can provide opportunities that traditional employers can’t. 

“Some refer to it as the gig-economy; I prefer to call it the Independent Career Economy. In this model, the worker is in complete control. If they need greater outputs, all they need to do is increase their inputs,” Christian explained. 

Working from home as an EEO investigator gives people the freedom to find a work-life balance, he said. Additionally, some people have chosen to train and work as EEO investigators as an alternative to the traditional workplace, choosing a career that focuses on social justice and offering very high earning potential.

Christian said EEO investigators enjoy a freedom and flexibility that many people dream of. Many are independent contractors and manage their own work schedule and have the freedom to work from anywhere with high income potential. That’s important, Christian said, because “workers, over the decades, have been seeing ever-diminishing returns on their labor, including stagnant wages and fewer retirement options outside of the typical 401K plans.”

“In our business at Spectrum EEO, we train and employ EEO investigators. They do independent investigations of state and federal EEO claims, collect evidence and write a final report called an ‘ROI.’ The investigator is paid typically from $1,100 to $3,000 per report. I call that a career,” Christian added. “If you love to write and have a good eye for detail, an EEO investigator could be an excellent opportunity to earn a high income and be your own boss.”

Spectrum EEO is a thought leader in the equal opportunity field, dedicated to providing a truly outstanding experience for clients across the nation. The company has developed an advanced case management system that allows for unparalleled transparency and quality assurance redundancies. 

Spectrum EEO’s staff and contract EEO professionals are recognized experts in their disciplines with deep experience in EEO. Senior and mid-level leadership are all staff executives, as are many EEO professionals and consultants.

For more information about Spectrum EEO’s training certification for EEO investigators, visit spectrumeeo.com/eeoinvestigator.

About Spectrum EEO

Spectrum EEO is a multidisciplinary team providing EEO and civil rights consultation based on the foundations and principles of equal opportunity to government, corporations and institutions nationwide. We are committed to ensuring opportunity is equal and believe that mutual respect is the best prevention for discrimination and harassment in the workplace. We promote a fair, open collaborative work environment. We are dedicated to our profession and are thought leaders in our field. We are committed to continuous learning and improvement as a lifestyle, which makes us the best in our field. We maintain a proactive awareness of relevant legislation, regulatory policy and best practices. We safeguard the value of professional independence. We consult, investigate, analyze and report with patience and a deep fidelity to impartiality and balance. We bring the best of ourselves to our work so that our clients get the best results.

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