Al Ameen Engineering Launches Economical Version of Forklift Ramps

July 18 22:15 2022
Launches affordable version to beat steel prices increase

Dubai, UAE – Al Ameen Engineering LLC’s have launched the economical version of Raframps forklift ramp that will be affordable to small businesses and is targeted at warehouses, supermarket, transport and logistics sectors.

The newly designed product is lightweight, easy to use, and can still compete with existing structures. It is made so 3-ton forklifts or small vehicles can be loaded or unloaded.

The prices of steel have risen significantly during the pandemic and Al Ameen engineers wanted to come up with an ingenious solution to improve the ramps.

So they have come up with a yard ramp which is light and easily manoeuvrable.

Mohd Shahnawaz, Al Ameen Engineering LLC’s CEO said: “Due to increase in steel prices we did not want to comprise quality in our older versions, so we have released an affordable version post-pandemic so small companies would be able to afford it.”

Al Ameen Engineering LLC sells the ramps under the brand name RAFRamps and salespeople ask unique 20-point questions to assess the needs and requirements of the people.

Those interested may visit the showroom of Al Ameen located in the industrial area of Ras Al Khor, Dubai, UAE or visit the website to buy RAFRamps forklift ramps in Dubai for more information.

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