Yllusion – Creating a new concept in fashion and technology

July 16 03:51 2022
Yllusion - Creating a new concept in fashion and technology

Famous German entrepreneur and businessman Max Wellner, known for being the CEO and founder of many web projects based in Germany, has yet again announced the launch of Yllusion. This website is a dedicated Cyberpunk fashion concept store online and a UX and UI design agency.

The motto that drivesYllusion is “One Name, Multiple Possibilities,” which can be seen embodying a wide range of innovative products available for  customers on their site. Not only this, Yllusion also specializes in technology services for clients who need creative help in UI and UX designs.

The goal of Yllusion is to be the solution for all the people who are looking for the next big innovative break and become a trendsetter. It is a multifaceted agency, especially in crafting high-quality fashion products and tech services.

It is not an oversight to say that Yllusion is bringing forth a new religion in the fashion industry by making available to enthusiasts a niche in the fashion industry and supporting people who need creative help in the next cutting-edge technology.

Yllusion is the product of Max Wellner’s fascination with the cyber world and the latest technology. Everything that has gone into the making of Yllusion is a manifestation of Wellner’s dedication to his passion. The company focuses on incorporating futuristic elements into all its products and services, a relatively novel concept yet to reach mainstream media.

According to the study conducted by consumer market outlook, the growing fashion industry is only set to grow further in net worth of an estimated 2.25 trillion dollars in US currency by the year 2025. Seeing how the industry is only going to grow bigger and bigger, the advanced technology of AR and VR that companies like Yllusion are bringing forth is an innovative step towards a futuristic online shopping experience.

The popularity of such new concepts is because the industry itself finds the need to stay steady and stable in an economy that is changing its waves. A few of the most famous fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Zara are also catching on to the trend and focusing on the new era of cyber fashion.

Activities like shopping can be very tiresome and even burdensome for many people. Such advanced technological services as Yllusion provides are a giant leap in the right direction for such people.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in fashion are relatively novel ideas that excite people to do the same tasks they always did before but in a new way.

After the recent scare of the 2020 Pandemic, potential shoppers and customers are very wary about what they touch and don’t touch. Therefore, introducing AR and VR technology at Yllusion is just what the world needs.

Features like interactive display screens do great wonders for some of the most common worries among customers, including trying on used clothes or using the same fitting room as someone who just left. With the new advanced tech features, there’s no need for customers to try the clothes physically, and everything can be done on the virtual plane. The best part is that they don’t even have to be at the store in person.

This is faster and easier, but it is also more convenient and accurate when it comes to sizing, customizing clothes, and tailoring everything to the perfect fit.

The Yllusion store focuses on the cyberpunk type of fashion aesthetic. The idea of cyberpunk originated from the author Bruce Bethke who made this concept famous in the 1989s.

The invention of the c-word was a conscious and deliberate act of creation on my part. I wrote the story in the early spring of 1980, and from the very first draft, it was titled “Cyberpunk.” In calling it that, I was actively trying to invent a new term that grokked the juxtaposition of punk attitudes and high technology.” (Bruce Bethke, Cyberpunk)

His stories range from dark themes to storylines that play with a dystopian society and other collections of stories about neologism. His publication of the book “Cyberpunk” made famous one of the most popular fashion trends that subtly depicts the future of a post-modern capitalist society.

Cyberpunk as a fashion cycle genre was widely popular perhaps a decade ago and is coming back again with a bang in 2022, which is why Yllusion is a good website for Cyberpunk enthusiasts.

In addition to this, the website features affordable themed clothing items and accessories which are easily accessible for most customers. The genre of cyberpunk as a fashion aesthetic combines the world of fashion with technology, which results in clothing items and accessories that embrace the futuristic elements of advanced technology.

As seen in the winter of 2021, fashion trends are turning towards a technicolor race trope that is set to make a complete comeback by the summer of 2022. And as with every reawakening of fashion trends, the new era will feature statement pieces and cozy and comfortable wear that is great as loungewear.

Yllusion has recently introduced its customers to a new line of clothing items that perfectly encapsulates a fashionable cyberpunk breakthrough. These gems are highly inspired by some of the most popular games, movies, and characters featured in most Japanese animes.

Time is money, which cannot be better justified than the number of famous businesspeople and personalities who swear by this philosophy. To put things in perspective, the idea of shopping puts the image of fatigue and tiredness in people. Now with AR and VR entering the scene, things will get more exciting and a lot less tiring.

With this kind of technology, people don’t have to waste ages waiting in line at the changing rooms or find their way out of the maze of clothing racks when looking for the perfect deal. Everything happens online, so the only real work is to find something they like. The rest is taken care of by the novel technology that makes the idea of shopping so much more fun, easy and convenient.

Many marketplaces offer these services in different forms, such as interactive display screens, virtual try-on features, in-store navigation tabs, virtual makeovers, and virtual tailors who can also alter clothes. The ease of access to fashion makes it appealing for even the laziest shopper to become a consumer. 

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