The 1st China Meta-International Expo is about to open

July 15 22:01 2022

With the gradual improvement of Internet infrastructure, the digital economy has become a national strategy in china, and the meta-universe may become the next new growth point of the digital economy. Aiming to serve the real economy through online exhibitions, someone is organizing The China Digital Economy Summit and The 1st Meta-International Expo. Both the summit and the Meta-International Expo will open online and offline on August 5 and 6.

They’re doing so through a $2mn, technology-laden renovation that they hope will bring the historic building and amazing companies into the metaverse era — both to dazzle paying visitors and to help brands market their goods.

The organizer names China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation, which aims to promote cooperation in the metaverse now.

In recent years, affected by the epidemic, many exhibitions have been carried out in the cloud. The summit is not exceptional, in terms of efficiency as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, the metaverse committee of the association to seriously implement the universe fell fine work departments of all policy decisions.

In the commercial world, a reference point is Nike’s 24,000 sq ft “Rise” concept space in Seoul, South Korea, which blurs the boundaries between a physical and digital shopping experience.

The online exhibition talking about the technology of the next wave provides conferences in the digital world that offers from display to the online discussion of digital space, use of new channels and tools to carry out marketing activities, in the service of online broker solutions and services, meet the digital economy development enterprise demand of fusion of offline and online.

In particular, this summit also used 3D summit live broadcast technology for the first time to simulate and build the meeting forum scene and summit speech scene. Virtual exhibition halls with interactive functions can be used for users to browse online and for enterprises to arrange digital exhibitions. On the other hand, in the form of digital tickets for the Meta-Universe Conference, it provides the first digital exhibition souvenir cultural collection experience for all participating users, bringing a new interactive logic and exhibition incentive.

The summit invited experts and scholars with unique insights in the field of the digital economy to gather with entrepreneurs in the field of a new economy in the cloud and launched a collision of ideas through a remote connection, offline discussion, online sharing, and other forms. And invited the head of digital art technology enterprises to jointly launch the establishment of the NFT collection research center at the summit site.

Paul, the president of the committee in this expo — and a natural showman — wants to restore that sense of wonder and relevance to Beijing City that is a capital icon in china.

“It’s going to be an interactive portal for where the world is going,” is how Paul describes his futuristic vision.

Many view it as a kind of living laboratory while It is a natural evolution for traditional exhibition, we shall note — from analog signs to digital screens and now the metaverse.

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