WhaleMaker fund went multichain

July 14 23:41 2022
WhaleMaker fund went multichain
On July 19th, WhaleMaker Fund ($WMF) is launching Fund pools (BRISE & BNB) in round 2

WhaleMaker ($WMF) offers capital protection based on its years of experience and portfolio management capabilities.  They started this journey officially just two months ago on the BRISE chain (BRC), and now the results are in, after eight weeks of getting launched.

In the uncertain world of cryptocurrency, WhaleMaker can finally let the numbers do the talking. Creating an environment of credibility and trust for their investors is their No. 1 priority. And there is no doubt that the first step is to deliver as promised.

So here is the incredible result WhaleMaker fund achieved since its launch, “17% ROI in 45 days which was already paid to the investors on 12th of July” 

 Speaking to the media, the CEO of WhaleMaker fund was quoted saying, “Yes, the results are incredible. Yes, numbers don’t lie. However, we should remember that it’s not magic but the power of knowledge and experience behind the WhaleMaker fund. Thanks to the overwhelming response by our community and our amazing team, we made it possible and realistic for everybody.”

During their Fund Round #1 (through staking pools), they distributed dividends of 100 Billion BRISE (around 40.000$) to the wise early joiners of $WMF, alongside the daily staking rewards1.

In just under two months, they have become multichain, going to Binance chain (BSC), deploying an active bridge with the same shared supply of 500 million tokens. They have also delivered a 15-day staking pool and liquidity mining pools payable in BNB.

The CEO said, “We are thrilled to announce that on the 19th of July, our Fund Round 2 pools which value-wise will be at least 3 times greater than Round 1 will launch on both chains (BRC & BSC), with investors being able to join them until the 24th of July and be paid the dividends in either BRISE or BNB.”

$WMF is currently traded on SphynxLabs (BRC & BSC) as well as on Pancakeswap for the BSC chain.

To learn more, visit https://WhaleMaker.fund.

And join their telegram channel at https://t.me/whitewhalecryptoinfo

For updates, follow them on Twitter @WhaleMakerFund

About WhaleMaker Fund

WhaleMaker Fund is a platform for investors and cryptocurrency traders looking to utilize the most advanced trading tools and technology and the combined wisdom of the community to make an informed decision regarding crypto investing.  WhaleMaker Fund’s mission is to provide the entire BRISE

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