BOC Sciences Offers Pharmaceutical Impurities to Assist in Drug Development

December 31 19:17 2021
BOC Sciences announces the provision of pharmaceutical impurities to assist in drug development.

New York, USA – December 31, 2021 – In the process of drug research, production, storage, and clinical application, its impurity contents must be reduced to ensure effectiveness and safety. BOC Sciences, a reliable supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials, announces the provision of pharmaceutical impurities to assist in drug development.

Impurities in drugs refer to the substances with no therapeutic effect or have negative influence on drug stability and efficacy. Excessive impurities will inevitably decrease the activity of the drug and increase its side effects. BOC Sciences produces thousands of pharmaceutical impurities, degradation products of active pharmaceutical ingredients, metabolites, and excipients in compliance with the guidelines and restrictions described in the international pharmacopoeia monographs to serve the demand for identifying pharmaceutical impurities and developing new drugs. In addition, BOC Sciences has access to some rare OTC degradation preparation standards which simplify the massive manufacturing.

Following the rigorous regulations and standards in impurity manufacturing, BOC Sciences possesses some prevalent categories of impurities especially the general ones like chlorides and the special ones like salicylic acid. Pharmaceutical companies can turn to BOC Sciences for most types of impurities and enhance the drug development efficiency. Apart from the above impurity products in stock, BOC Sciences can also synthesize various specifications of impurities according to diverse needs. Besides, each compound delivered by BOC Sciences is accompanied by a specification sheet or certificate of analysis (COA), MSDS, and copies of all necessary documents to ensure smooth customs clearance.

Owing to its consistent devotion, BOC Sciences is also competent to produce degradation products of active pharmaceutical ingredients, metabolites, and excipients while it has a wealth of expertise in the identification of drug impurities and metabolites. Over the past ten years, BOC Sciences’ laboratory and quality system have successfully passed the audit of the world’s four largest pharmaceutical companies (Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Pfizer, Eli Lilly) and established partnerships with them.

Why Choose BOC Sciences?

• High-quality impurities and metabolites
• Multi-gram quantities of impurities for toxicity testing
• Adjustable synthesis of impurities for various use
• Cost-effective and time-saving

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About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is a brand of BOCSCI Inc. It provides a wide range of research chemicals and biochemicals including inhibitors, impurities and metabolites, natural compounds, ADCs, stem cell molecules, and chiral compounds. With its outstanding capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry, BOC Sciences has helped many customers achieve their drug R&D goals.

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