Pondir, a new platform for Facebook Advertisers, is set to revolutionize the process of creating successful Facebook ads.

July 19 21:48 2021

Pondir’s suite of tools uses AI to help Facebook Advertisers create better ads and grow their results.

Pondir’s CEO, Dylan Pearson, had the following to say about the launch of their new web application:

“Pondir’s goal is simple: Take the complexities of successful Facebook Advertising, and make it easy. We believe you shouldn’t have to be an expert in multiple fields, or, have to spend thousands of dollars on agencies, just to get the assets needed for an advertising campaign.”

Pondir.com works by analyzing successful Facebook ads that are already performing well on Facebook. Once the platform has been given the necessary information, it will automatically create new Facebook ad copy that aims replicate the success of the one given to it.

The main advantages of Pondir is that it is fast and cost effecient. Facebook Advertisers will be able to create their new Facebook ad in seconds rather than in days or weeks. Pondir also allows business owners to avoid agencies that charge thousands of dollars per month to create the necessary advertising assets.

Pondir is set to disrupt the advertising industry and Facebook Advertisers are lining up to get their hands on this groundbreaking AI platform.

In a world where digital advertising is king, Pondir is here to help you take your Facebook advertising to the next level. Pondir is the worlds first artificial intelligence platform that helps Facebook Advertisers create successful Facebook ads in seconds.

Pondir is user-friendly and easy to use, with no previous experience necessary. The Pondir.com artificial intelligence engine analyzes your campaign and offers you a suite of tools and resources that will maximize your campaign’s potential.

After trying Pondir ourselves, we can confidently say it is the modern key to Facebook Advertising success.

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