Intech group is a coming out to be a pioneer in automation, technology and energy solutions in all provinces and cities in Vietnam

July 07 23:05 2021

Choosing a company that designs and implements smart factory systems can be a daunting task. When choosing a deployment unit, no one can be sure that the unit they choose is really reputable to trust and invest a huge amount of money. Factories and businesses often wonder about the level of quality they receive and whether the system after installation is really effective and durable. However, some companies implementing smart factory systems have proven their capabilities to thousands of customers. One such unit is Intech Group.

Intech Group specializes in designing and installing smart factory systems for businesses and factories with good quality and cost savings. This is a reputable unit for any factory or business that wants to deploy and build a smart factory system to raise the company’s production level. With more than 10 years of implementation experience, Intech Group has quickly risen in the ranks and is now one of the biggest names in Vietnam in the field of smart manufacturing.

Currently, Intech Group is a pioneer in smart factory solutions in all provinces and cities in Vietnam and is reaching out to the world. Customers mainly focus on factories, enterprises, industrial production industries,…

Each solution in the smart factory system will have a different operating principle. The systems in Intech Group’s smart factory solution include:

  • Robots loading and unloading goods

  • Autonomous vehicle AGV

  • Product classification system

  • Smart warehouse system

  • Assembly line,…

About Intech Group

Intech Group belongs to Intech Holdings. The leader in automation, industry and technology in Vietnam. With modern equipment, along with a team of highly specialized engineers, professional production managers, Intech Group brings high quality products, fast delivery schedule and competitive prices, so we are many major domestic and foreign partners to choose from.

Our products apply the standards of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and are strictly inspected at each stage in the production process;

With the mission of creating technology and green energy to better serve people and society, Intech Group always focuses investment resources on research, development and standardization, producing products and solutions. high quality solutions to meet the strict requirements of partners, customers and society.

Intech Group – A reputable and professional supplier of automation, technology and energy solutions nationwide, with optimal cost and high efficiency.

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