Author’s Tranquility-Endorsed Life beyond Burnout Enjoys Rave Reviews on Amazon

July 05 21:08 2021
Clinical Director of the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority, Alan Shelton, MD, MPH, shares his inspirational journey from hopelessness to becoming an enthusiastic caregiver in his self-help book “Life beyond Burnout.”

Life beyond Burnout is one of the resources from Alan Shelton, MD, MPH, as he partners with the Author’s Tranquility Press to inspire millions of people across the globe to greatness. The book doubles as a self-help guide, as the author chronicles his life journey from being a depressed, hopeless, and encumbered physician to an energetic, creative, and enthusiastic caregiver.

“Great book! The real-life stories and vivid explanations were inspiring. The path for avoiding Burnout is made clear,” said Nicole Reed.

Life beyond Burnout: Recovering Joy in Your Work is a one-of-a-kind resource aimed at helping readers to overcome life challenges, going against all odds to live their dreams. Millions of people in different parts of the world, especially service providers, often experience Burnout after spending years in a particular field. Several possible solutions have been developed over the years to help spur professionals back into their groove and deal effectively with Burnout. Unfortunately, many of such resources are often abstract, where Alan Shelton is looking to make a difference through Life beyond Burnout: Recovering Joy in Your Work.

The author personifies the experience, digging into his years of service as the Clinical Director of the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority, where Burnout nearly drove him to abandon medicine and how he was able to break free. Shelton shares practical tips discovered over the years with readers, detailing how professionals can rediscover and grow their inner life and ultimately recover the lost joy and excitement experienced at the beginning of their careers.

Author’s Tranquility Press has decided to partner with Alan Shelton, MD, MPH, to help the author reach a wider audience across the globe, as he seeks to make an impact in the lives of professionals and their clients.

The Kindle and Paperback editions of Life beyond Burnout: Recovering Joy in Your Work is currently available on Amazon. The book is also on a Bookstore Placement Program with Author’s Tranquility Press.

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