Frostiness Augments in Capital Owing to Early Morning Precipitation

January 22 14:32 2015

winter 1 roadNew Delhi, Thursday, January 22 – The residents of Delhi are under the attack of biting-cold at present. The normal life has come off track due to rainfall witnessed early on Thursday. Cold waves were already creating huge troubles for the masses and now, it’s time for the untimely showers to do the same.

Probability of rain was on the cards but it wasn’t expected to lash the city streets when most of the people were enjoying their sleep. Waking up to a rainy day made several residents to stay indoors. Survival becomes extremely tough for the unfortunates and homeless as of now. With no shelter to resides, it is hard for them to keep themselves warm and away from falling ill.

A delay of a few hours in trains’ departure timing has been reported. Poor weather also hit the air traffic, making several passengers to get stranded at the airport. Extreme chilliness in the surroundings has added to the worries. Peak traffic was noticed today. As per weathermen, maximum and minimum temperatures of the city will be 17 degree Celsius and 11 degree Celsius, respectively. Populace will have to cover in layers as the chill will continue to shiver them for next few days.